Self-Sufficiency 101

At The Women's Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, it is our goal is for women’s self-sufficiency to be discussed in backyards and board rooms—casually among friends and at the highest levels of influence in our community. This is a powerful first step in building a more prosperous future for Greater Cincinnati families. 

We invite you to explore this issue with these resources, and don't forget to share your ideas with us!

What We're Reading

We love data and we love staying up-to-date on the newest ideas in our field. 

  • Status of Women in the States- Ohio
    A comprehensive look at the quality of life for women in America, broken down by state. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research’s Status of Women reports are “a unique source of comprehensive information on women. national, and international levels, including demographics, economic security, education, reproductive rights, political participation, civic engagement, and access to health care and work supports.”
  • Metro Monitor 2016
    A non-partisan review of economic growth and changes in major metropolitan areas of the U.S. The goals of this report are a more complete understanding of how our cities are recovering from the Recession and an exploration of new markers for measuring economic success.
  • Informing Investments in Preschool Quality and Access in Cincinnati
    Cincinnati is ranked second in the nation for childhood poverty- one way to help those children escape poverty is through quality preschool programs that will prepare them for continued schooling. This study emphasizes the importance of investing in quality preschool for all children, both for the children themselves, and for the health of our local economy. 

The More You Know

  • Poverty is complex and we want to make the concepts as understandable as possible. Here are a few of our favorite tools. 

    What is Self Sufficiency?
    A project of the Center for Women's Welfare, the Self-Sufficiency Standard is a budget-based measure of the real cost of living and an alternative to the federal poverty measure.
  • The Federal Poverty Level 2016- Ohio Poverty Snapshot
    An overview by Advocates for Ohio’s Future. Most common Ohio jobs leave families still needing food aid, Medicaid or cash assistance.
  • Losing Ground: The Cliff Effect
    The Cliff Effect report is an extension of “Losing Ground,” the I-News at Rocky Mountain PBS report released in January 2013 and published and broadcast statewide by more than two dozen media sources. You can also view the short video

Interactive Resources

Want to take a deeper dive? Here are the most compelling interactive tools we have found that bring to life our work. 


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