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The Women's Fund Mini-Grants Cycle Now Open
The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation has opened its mini-grants fund cycle for 2014. This year's focus is on Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency.

Job readiness leads to life readiness
Little did we realize a grant for job readiness could provide a springboard to life readiness. That’s exactly what happened for The Women’s Connection, and we at The Women's Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation couldn't be prouder.

Investing in Good Stock
The third time was a charm for Peg Fightmaster. The first time she enrolled in college, she was 19 years old.

Closing the Gap
At 35, single mother Danielle Nelson and her three teenage children have needed public assistance to get by and have twice stayed in a homeless shelter.

A Grant for a Spa?
When you hear that The Women’s Fund granted money to send the Executive Director of the Ronald McDonald House to Lake Austin Spa, you may be perplexed. But this small grant had a profound impact on Greater Cincinnati and a lasting effect on the organization.

Giving Others a Voice
In her short life, Dr. Erin Talbot McNeill accomplished much for women. As a doctor in reproductive endocrinology, she developed programming, policy and research for women’s health rights around the world.

A Prescription for Self-Sufficiency
“Mary” first came for help while living in a battered women’s shelter. She was so debilitated by her many ailments that she could barely leave the shelter’s safety. Her conditions included asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, arthritis and depression.