Full Circle

Bill Powell

Bill Powell remembers his mother talking about visits to the Fresh Air Farm. Little did he know that the Farm’s endowment was used to open GCF’s first fund and that he himself would one day open a fund at GCF.

The Fresh Air Farm brought mothers and their children out of the crowded tenement areas during the hottest months of the summer for two weeks of good food, comfortable living, and planned recreation in the country. When the Farm became obsolete, its endowment was given to GCF.

“I came from pretty humble beginnings,” Bill shares. “I was a depression-era baby. “

Bill has a photo of himself, his mother and brother at the Farm and says it was probably 1937.

Bill Powell and family

“You know how you remember a few things when you were a little tot?” he said. “I remember the bus ride there. I think we met at the Taft Theatre. The bus was loaded with families.  I guess it was a real treat to be able to go away for a week or two and get out of the city.”

Bill, who describes himself as a native son, was raised, educated and ran his businesses (Wilson Art and Lance’s) in the City of Cincinnati.

“I made my living in this community and I’ve always tried to give back as much as I could,” he said. “I’ve been very lucky.”

With GCF’s help, Bill makes a difference in Cincinnati; just like the Fresh Air Farm made a difference to many families.

May 2010



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