Leading the Charge for Equity

Kathy BeechemWhen Pete Nadherny was diagnosed in 2005 with a brain tumor, he and his wife, Kathy Beechem, left their careers to focus on his health. Pete was CEO of The Angus Group, an executive search firm, and Kathy was an executive vice president at U.S. Bank. Once Pete began to get stronger, they found themselves with free time for the first time in years. The couple decided to spend it helping others.

In a moment ofsynchronicity, the YWCA of Greater Cincinnati wanted to enhance its already stellar Rising Star Program, part of Career Women of Achievement, designed to support young women who demonstrate leadership ability. One strategy of GCF's longstanding commitment to racial equity was to integrate race and equity issues into existing leadership programs. YWCA President and CEO Charlene Ventura met with Pete and Kathy and recognized an alignment ofthe "stars.'' The couple sat down with a blank sheet ofpaper and began designing the YWCA Rising Star Board Leadership Program. The goal was to help prepare Rising Stars for serving on nonprofit and arts boards in the community.

Download the pdf at left to read the story originally published in our 2007 Annual Report to the Community.