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How Your Fund Works

Once you have selected the appropriate fund that works for you, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation works step-by-step with you to establish and manage it.

6 Steps to Managing Your Fund

  1. You make your gift to GCF of cash, appreciated stocks, real estate, or other assets, or through a gift in your will. Learn more on how to create your fund.
  2. You select the investment manager from GCF’s list of authorized partners.
  3. GCF creates your fund. You receive tax benefits in the year or years your gift is made.
  4. GCF’s Governing Board issues grants to the designated nonprofit organization from your fund. If you have chosen a donor advised fund, you recommend uses for the fund. Your recommendations are presented to GCF’s Governing Board for approval. For legal purposes, grants must be ratified by GCF to ensure compliance with regulations governing valid U.S. nonprofit organizations.
  5. GCF's Governing Board issues grants to the designated nonprofit organization from your fund. Grants from donor advised funds are made within 3 days of receiving your suggestion. GCF handles all administrative details, including the specific purposes that you may establish for grant disbursements.
  6. You will receive regular communication from GCF with updates on the impact of your gift.

Adding to Your Fund

You can add to your fund at any time – and so can others who share your interests or wish to honor you.

GCF can also facilitate even the most complex forms of giving, such as real estate or closely held stock.


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