Keep local babies clean, dry, and healthy by expanding Sweet Cheeks Diaper Distribution Program

Sweet CheeksOver 16,000 babies (age 0-3) in our region regularly face diaper need, the lack of a sufficient supply of diapers to keep a baby clean, dry and healthy. Diapers are not covered by public benefits like food stamps, WIC or Medicaid. Low-income parents, therefore, must choose between diapers and food or other essentials, with dire results for children. 

Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank provides diapers to 14 social service agency partners to distribute as needed to clients. This distribution model ensures diapers reach the neediest children in Greater Cincinnati and provides incentive for parents to maintain contact with supportive services. 

There are 27 agencies around our region that want to work with Sweet Cheeks, but have been waitlisted until Sweet Cheeks can secure funding to meet the growing demand for diapers. 

In 2016, Sweet Cheeks’ first year in operation, the organization distributed 153,000 diapers in our region and is on track to distribute nearly 425,000 in 2017. Additional program funding will allow SCDB to expand distribution to new agencies, further penetrate neediest areas, and reach new communities facing diaper need.

How can you help? 

Give $100 to allow 15 children to receive Sweet Cheeks Diaper Bank diapers for one month.

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