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Your Generous Year-End Giving

You are generous across every season, but perhaps especially at the end of the year. As you plan your holiday and year-end giving, the Greater Cincinnati Foundation is proud to assist and be your philanthropic partner. 

To add assets to your fund, you can:

Give stock

Appreciated stock is often a most advantageous gift. Stock transfers normally take only a few days but may take longer at year end due to the large volume of transactions at brokerage firms. To count as a charitable income tax deduction in 2017, gifts of stock must be received into GCF’s account before the close of business on December 29. Notify us if you are making a transfer to ensure it is promptly attributed to your fund. 

Download instructions for transferring your stock gift [PDF]

Give mutual fund shares

Gifts of mutual fund shares provide the same tax benefits as stock gifts. However, these gifts can take weeks for the fund administrators to process. Please initiate any gift of mutual fund shares by Monday, November 20. 

Download instructions for transferring your mutual funds [PDF]

Give by check

Checks received by mail must be postmarked by December 30, 2018, to qualify as a 2018 tax deduction. If hand-delivering a check, it must be received at our office by 5 p.m. on December 29. 

Please send to:
Greater Cincinnati Foundation
200 West Fourth St, Cincinnati, Ohio 45202-2775
Phone: 513-241-2880 
Fax: 513-768-6133

See all the ways you can add to your fund

Making grants from your fund to be received in 2018

You have a variety of ways to make sure the grants you give make it to your cause in a timely manner. 

So your grant is received in 2018, we recommend you make your grant suggestions:

  • Online through GCF Donor Access before December 26.
  • Fax your grant suggestions to 513-768-6133 before December 26.
  • Mail grant suggestions before December 26.

Download Year-End Giving information for your reference [PDF]

Setting up a new fund

If you are interested in setting up a fund with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation, your new fund can be established quickly. Call to discuss your charitable goals with a member of GCF’s Giving Strategies Group and decide which type of fund is best for you and your family. The date of the gift transfer to GCF is most important - it will determine whether your gift qualifies for a 2018 tax deduction.


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