Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund

Pantene® created Beautiful Lengths because healthy hair means a lot to us, and the appearance of healthy hair means so much to women battling cancer.

Pantene Beautiful Lenghts donorsSince the program began in 2006, Pantene Beautiful Lengths has created more than 50,000 wigs from the generous hair donations from people across the United States and Canada, which have been the driving force behind the cause. 

Many people who are unable to donate their hair have asked to support the program in another way. Pantene Beautiful Lengths is giving those who want to be involved, an opportunity to provide their support through the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Fund and the Donate2Create program. This provides the opportunity for people across North America to donate a monetary gift to help create even more wigs than ever before.

Many of the women we help say that putting on a wig makes them feel like themselves again. And when you donate to the cause, you’re helping make that happen.

Show your participation in the Donate2Create program by posting to your social channels using #Donate2Create and #BeautifulLengths, tagging @Pantene on Instagram or Twitter.

Beautiful Lengths is a partnership between Pantene®, the American Cancer Society® and the Canadian Cancer Society.  Both organizations are committed to saving lives from every cancer and improving the quality of life for people facing the disease. 

The role of Pantene is to help women grow long, strong, beautiful hair and to provide the funds to turn this hair into free, real-hair wigs for women with cancer. So far, Pantene has donated more than 50,000 free real-hair wigs to the American Cancer Society and Canadian Cancer Society’s wig banks, which distribute wigs to cancer patients across the United States and Canada. 


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