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Future Gifts

You’re passionate about your favorite charitable organizations. How can you ensure they are able to continue their good work?  

Alva Jean Crawford and Linda FathBy making a future charitable gift to Greater Cincinnati Foundation through your will, retirement plan assets, life insurance, or other future sources you can continue your support of the nonprofits you care about long after your lifetime. Some of the simplest forms of future gifts are detailed below. 

Making a charitable gift through your will

Making a gift to GCF through your will (also called a bequest) is an easy way to make a charitable gift. This allows you to continue to support (beyond your lifetime) the causes and organizations that are important to you while maintaining the assets you need for your current lifestyle.  

You can give cash, appreciated stocks, or other assets. You can choose to give a stated dollar amount, a specific property, a percentage of your estate, the remainder after distributions to other beneficiaries, or you can make your gift contingent on certain events.

Sample language:

 “I give and bequeath to Greater Cincinnati Foundation, a nonprofit corporation (FEIN 31-0669700) located at 720 E. Pete Rose Way, Suite 120, Cincinnati, Ohio, 45202, [a sum of money, percentage of my estate or description of the gift]. 

  • To add to an existing fund at GCF: "I request that this gift be used to add to the (name of fund) Fund.”
  • To create a new fund at GCF: "I request that the gift be used to establish a new fund (name of fund), and that {name of authorized investment manager} be named as the Investment Advisor to hold and administer the Fund in accordance with the Articles of Incorporation and Code of Regulations creating Greater Cincinnati Foundation, as now or hereafter amended.”

Most donors find it beneficial to speak with a member of our Giving Strategies Team, if they wish to create a fund from their estate plans. This is the best way to ensure we fully understand their wishes. Please contact us.

Minimizing tax liability

Property transferred to Greater Cincinnati Foundation can minimize your tax liability because the value of the property is deductible from the gross estate. 

  • It may also be advisable to include in the language of the bequest the following provision: "“The amount payable to Greater Cincinnati Foundation shall be paid, to the extent possible, out of items of property that would be treated as income in respect of a decedent, as that term is defined in the Internal Revenue Code.”

This may qualify the bequest for both an income tax deduction for the estate as well as an estate tax deduction.

Retirement plan assets

Though millions of Americans contribute to retirement plans, those savings may trigger substantial taxes upon an individual’s death. Legislation is constantly changing in regards to retirement assets, like IRAs. Through careful estate planning with your legal counsel and GCF charitable techniques, you can take control of your financial and charitable legacy.

Life insurance

Life insurance provides a simple way to give a significant gift to charity with income tax benefits that you can enjoy during your lifetime. Name a GCF fund as owner and beneficiary when life insurance is no longer needed for personal family wealth replacement and you may generate a tax savings. And, if you choose to continue paying premiums through GCF, you may be entitled to a charitable contribution deduction. 

Additional future gift options

Future gifts can be established through other financial formats and structures as well. GCF has extensive experience with additional options that may be useful to you including charitable lead trust and charitable remainder trust. 


Greater Cincinnati Foundation does not provide tax, legal or other professional advice. Wills, trust agreements and all other estate planning documents should be drafted by an independent attorney. GCF staff are available to assist attorneys when including a bequest to GCF in a legal document.  


720 E. Pete Rose Way,
Suite 120
Cincinnati, OH 45202


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