Students from Evanston Academy

Students at Evanston Academy

Community Learning Centers

When schools and communities are connected both become stronger. This is why The Greater Cincinnati Foundation supports Cincinnati Public Schools' Community Learning Centers (CLCs). 

Schools and Communities are Linked

Community Learning Centers are more than school buildings. They are the links between schools and communities, offering academic, recreational, educational, social, health, civic, and cultural opportunities for students, families and the community. 

A CLC is a school that serves as a community hub, utilizing school space during extended hours, on weekends and through the summer to provide additional academic support, health resources, social services, arts programming, and civic and cultural opportunities to students, their families and the community.

The goal of Community Learning Centers is to support student achievement, revitalize communities and maximize the community's return on its financial investment.

A National Model

In the last ten years, this model has drawn national attention for successfully engaging community partnerships in school buildings. The Greater Cincinnati Foundation was there at the beginning. In 2006, it committed $1 million to support Community Learning Centers for four years. 

Each CLC includes a full-time resource coordinator who knows the specific needs of the school, its families and the community. This position works with the many partnerships that bring services and resources to the school and its community. GCF and other local funders recently committed to giving a total of $600,000 to support a resource coordinator for the next three years. 

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