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GCF & United Way's Human Services Endowment Partnership

Imagine today the power of the legacy we can create for tomorrow.

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation and United Way of Greater Cincinnati are working jointly to raise endowment funds (see below for more on the power of endowments) to support critical human service needs in Greater Cincinnati.

This partnership builds upon the strengths of both organizations to more effectively raise endowment funds for the community’s human services needs.

United Way identifies and cultivates prospects and manages the fund distribution, and GCF holds endowment funds and oversee the gift transactions and investment of assets.

Through the annual human services investment process, United Way aligns resources with the Agenda for Community Impact, set to ensure:

  • All children start life healthy and ready to learn
  • All people of all ages and abilities live safe, healthy lives
  • All individuals and families build skills and assets

The Power of Endowment

An endowment by definition is a gift that provides income, maintaining the principal (the amount of the original gift) in perpetuity, investing to produce present and future income to support charitable purposes.

Your gift – and all future earnings from your gift – becomes a permanent source of community capital, helping do good work today and in the future.

For example, an endowment set up today will make charitable distributions totaling the amount of the gift within about 16 years. But, the fund will live forever and keep supporting human services.

An endowment is your opportunity to benefit the community forever. It can be as simple as including a bequest for human services in your will.

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