Race, Equity & Inclusion

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s public commitment to a more equitable community stems from 2001. When our community was shaken by civil unrest, the Foundation convened local funders to help address the crisis.

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GCF Stands for Equity

GCF's original support was to help fund and house the Mayor's commission, Cincinnati Community Action Now (CAN). When CAN completed its work in 2003, a group of funders came together to provide leadership and resources to the most challenging community solutions that emerged from CAN’s research and planning. 

Under the umbrella of Better Together Cincinnati (BTC), the funders supported a number of initiatives in education, economic opportunity, and police-community relations.

Download BTC's Reports:

Many Approaches Needed

Our commitment to equity and inclusion continues today, informing our grants and leadership in many sectors:

Boosting Community Economic Development

Learn how innovative community foundations, like GCF, are finding new ways to deploy all their resources to build community wealth. 

Community Impact Reports:

Community Resources:

  • Facts Matter, an online gateway to information about the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Region by University of Cincinnati Institute for Policy Research
  • Strive Community Reports - The Community Report Card highlights changes in student outcomes the partnership collects data for annually when compared to the community's baseline data. It also helps to track the partnership's progress in moving the community level outcomes and achieving their goals.

Our Stories:

GCF encourages community organizations to serve diverse populations. I love it. It’s a real jewel for Cincinnati and the region.”

-Herb Brown, GCF Volunteer


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