Health & Wellness

In the 2013 Greater Cincinnati Community Health Status Survey, 1 in 7 adults reported that someone in their household went without doctor’s care or prescription medication because the household needed the money for food or clothing or pay for housing.

Health & Wellness

Besides going without care because they needed the money for basic necessities, Greater Cincinnati adults also reported problems paying medical bills. In 2013, 1 in 4 Greater Cincinnati adults reported problems paying or being unable to pay for medical bills in the last year.

The cost of medical care hits some people harder, especially uninsured or low-income adults. Nearly half of Greater Cincinnati adults who are uninsured (47%) reported that they had problems paying or were unable to pay medical bills, compared to 20% of insured adults. This clearly intersects with the ever-rising cost of health care.

What are we doing to create change?

GCF, thanks to its generous donors, is able to make a difference through a collection of investments, grant writing assistance, and partnering with other funders. These are long-term problems and we are in it for the long haul. Effective change doesn’t happen overnight.

3 strategies to improve Health & Wellness:

Increase access to primary medical, dental care, and specialty services with an emphasis on underserved populations.

Ensure access to services that improve social and emotional functioning and well-being.

Encourage healthy living and prevention and management of chronic diseases.

Read more about GCF's Community Investments in Health & Wellness [PDF]

Health & Wellness Theory of Change

Theory of Change

A Theory of Change guides how we think about our community investments. It identifies investment priorities, activities, outcomes and indicators to help assess how our grants are contributing to progress on community-wide goals.

You can help

You can be part of building a more prosperous Greater Cincinnati region. When you give to our Health & Wellness Community Fund, every dollar goes directly to support real-time grant requests.

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