Giving Black: Cincinnati

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation has been working hard to understand how we might best serve our community to ensure a region where everyone can thrive.

A Legacy of Caring

Black philanthropy has been deeply ingrained in our culture from the time we arrived on American soil. We are eager expand our knowledge about diverse donors and to increase the impact of our collective work.

Giving Black: Cincinnati will be an illustration of our heritage meeting our legacy. 

Giving Black is a timely initiative to shed new light on the donor diversity and philanthropic behaviors of people -- our people, Black people -- who are usually not top of mind when thinking of mainstream philanthropy.

Philanthropy Redefined


Our philanthropic efforts, although heroic, have not been well documented.  We have created and established social services, education programs and charitable organizations. 


However, even with an upward movement to promote Black Americans and improve their communities through acts of philanthropy, Black philanthropy was not given the credit it deserved. 

  • By 2044, the majority of the U.S. population will be people of color. 
  • People of color will grow in number and expand their share of the labor force.

While many urban communities are already mirroring this population shift, very little research exists with data on each community’s giving patterns and roles in philanthropy. In 2016 it was estimated that over the next several decades roughly $30 trillion in assets will be transferred from the largest and wealthiest generation in US history to their Generation X children. 

However, we have very little disaggregated data regarding this wealth transfer and what it may translate into for Black Philanthropy. 

Join Us!

We are excited to uncover our the gems in our philanthropic story.  The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, in partnership with New England Blacks in Philanthropy (NEBIP), will document our people's philanthropic journey.  

We are now in an era of significant demographic change in the United States, and expanding our knowledge about diverse donors is more than a moral obligation, it is an economic and civic imperative. We need your help in encouraging members of the black community to complete the Giving Black: Cincinnati research survey. 

Our request is simple. 

When the time comes, we ask that you forward the Giving Black: Cincinnati link to people you are involved with in community organizations, with whom you are associated, so that we can send them the survey link. 

Our goal is to send the survey to 6,000 members of the black community. We’re conducting this research with New England Blacks in Philanthropy (NEBIP) and assure you these email addresses will only be used for this research and will not be maintained or used for any other purpose.

Click here to take the survey


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