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It's all about the money.

Pay Equity

We know that when women thrive, communities thrive. If we want our community to be a leader in business and industry, we must also be a leader in equity.

At The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation, we imagine a world where all women can participate, prosper and reach their full potential.

In 2014, when we issued the PULSE Study that applied a gender lens to the 2020 Jobs Outlook Report, we discovered that a gender wage gap existed in every single occupational group. To more fully understand the gender wage gap and the variables that contribute to it, we commissioned the UC Economics Center to study the wage gap and its effect on wealth accumulation. What they found is that the wage gap is not simple; it comprises a complex interrelationship of explained and unexplained differences and the ever-subjective concept of “choice.” 

As you will see, the results show significant disparities in men’s and women’s wages, even when controlling for variables like education, hours worked, age, marital status, and the presence of children. The remaining disparity amounts to a significant unexplained difference in wages between men and women. Over time, this disparity in wages leads to hundreds of thousands of dollars lost, forcing women to either work longer or retire with less. For women of color, the disparities are even more profound.

Additional Resources

Watch the presentation about this research by the UC Economics Center

Learn more about our latest PULSE Report on the Gender Wage Gap #cincywagegap

Posted by The Women's Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation on Monday, April 24, 2017
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