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She Saves Horses: Linda Pavey and The Brennan Equine Welfare Fund

If you ask Linda Pavey to tell why she puts her heart and soul into caring for horses, she will tell you about Zodiac.
Zodiac and Linda Pavey
 Zodiac and Linda Pavey

If you ask Linda Pavey to tell why she puts her heart and soul into caring for horses, she will tell you about Zodiac.

Rescued by Days End Farm, a nonprofit organization in Maryland, “He was nothing but skin and bones; he was in dire straits,” Linda said. “He was actually unable to stand on his own and had to be in a sling that was hooked up to the rafters because horses should not lie on their sides all the time.”

This appalling image is one of many sad stories Linda could share. She spends the majority of her time helping organizations that assist horses like Zodiac. She established The Brennan Equine Welfare Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) more than a decade ago to provide financial support for this passion.

“Part of my mission is to help abused and neglected horses, as well as those who just need retraining,” Linda explains.

Horses like Zodiac. Linda says the general public may not realize that equine abuse and neglect is a problem throughout the country.

“I’ve heard of cases where they let them go in abandoned mines or out the Everglades, they let them go fend for themselves,” she said. “There are a lot of great organizations who will take in horses from those situations. That’s the type I like to grant to as well as those who take horses off the race track who can no longer race. They train them for a second career and adopt them out.”

Linda has an advisory board of five equine professionals and enthusiasts who review grant requests to the fund. The need for her fund has increased since she opened it fourteen years ago. Linda views GCF as a trusted partner who has helped her handle this growth by managing gifts and gift acknowledgements, letting her focus on the needs of the horses. 

When she’s not working on the Brennan Equine Welfare Fund, Linda is caring for her own five horses, the majority of who have been rescued. 

And Zodiac? His days of hanging from a sling are long behind him. He’s back on his feet and was adopted by loving owners. 

Ready to make a difference? Learn more about establishing your own fund.

November 2014

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