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The Women's Fund Announces 2015 Mini-Grants

The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation recently presented its 2015 mini-grants to 12 well-deserving nonprofits.

CINCINNATI (June 4, 2015) — The Women’s Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation recently presented its 2015 mini-grants to 12 well-deserving nonprofits.

The Women's Fund's mini-grant ($500 - $1,500) cycle funds organizations that provide services and programming to improve the lives and economic status of women and girls in the Greater Cincinnati region. Our grants focus on supporting systemic efforts to improve women’s incomes, job security and their ability to provide adequately for themselves and their families.  

List of 2015 Mini-Grant Grantees for Women’s Economic Self-Sufficiency:

  • The Advance Network
  • Brighton Center
  • Churches Active in Northside
  • Cincinnati Union Bethel
  • Gateway Community & Technical College
  • Life Learning Center
  • Lydia’s House
  • Madison Avenue Christian Church
  • Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission
  • Ohio Justice & Policy Center
  • Santa Maria Community Services
  • Valley Interfaith Food & Clothing Center

These grants were made possible by the generosity of The Women's Fund donors. Because of them, $1 million has been granted to Greater Cincinnati programs and projects that help women since the inception of The Women's Fund in 1995. See the list of projects we have funded.

We would like to thank our wonderful volunteer grant reviewers for your time, thoroughness and wisdom!

  • Afsaneh Ardehali
  • Linda Averbeck
  • Desiré Bennett
  • Lisa Bifro
  • Sadie Bonifas
  • Marianne Borgmann
  • Nancy Boss
  • Lisa Claytor
  • Peg Conway
  • Kathy DeLaura
  • Jill Dickert
  • Moira Gettens
  • Lisa Graham
  • Beth Griffith-Niemann
  • Renee Harris
  • Claudia Harrod
  • Selean Holmes
  • Erin Horsley
  • Kathy Hunt
  • Jill Jansen
  • DaNelle Jenkins
  • Lydia Jenkins
  • Ashley Kohl
  • Arlene Koth
  • Andrea Kozakewich
  • Cathy Kramer
  • Nune Krayterman
  • Susan Lennard
  • Annie Linnemann
  • Suzanne Lorch
  • Sally Neidhard
  • Erica Oliver
  • Hillary Phillips
  • Tracy Power
  • Sydney Prochzaka
  • Kay Puryear
  • Rachel Rasmussen
  • Susan Redman-Rengstorf
  • Amy Roberts
  • Carol Russell
  • Lisa Schiller
  • Zeinab Schwen
  • Heather Sherwood
  • Kara Shibiya
  • John Silvestro
  • Stephanie Skryzowski
  • Dacia Snider
  • Jennifer Spieser
  • Pamela Taylor
  • Brandy Turner
  • Verna Tuttle
  • Jessica Walton
  • Tracy Wells
  • Sue Wilke
  • Melissa Wink
  • Kellie Wise
  • Betsy Wood
  • Felicia Zakem

About The Women's Fund

The Women's Fund of The Greater Cincinnati Foundation leads our community in ensuring the economic self-sufficiency of women in our region.

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