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An assignment from her grandparents left teenager Susan Weiss shocked.
Dan and Donna Weiss had given each of their four grandchildren the task of researching three organizations and then making a recommendation on which should receive a $1,000 grant from their donor advised fund at GCF. 

What shocked Susan was discovering about the number of African children living on the streets without basic needs.

“I couldn’t believe the life kids my age lived,” Susan wrote to Dan and Donna. “Luckily, the nonprofit Expanding Opportunities is doing something about it.”

Susan chose Expanding Opportunities in Kenya; the organization Provides food, shelter and educational opportunities to homeless children. Meanwhile, her cousin Carrie was conducting her own bit of research. She decided to focus on domestic violence and was equally thoughtful about her gift.

“I decided on a preventive service,” she told her grandparents. “I want to give to educational programs because I believe if kids my age learn about domestic abuse they will be less likely to commit it themselves as adults and teens.” 

Carrie told her grandparents she thought exercise was more valuable than she expected. 

“This took way more effort than I thought it would,” she said. “I thought giving away money is the easiest thing in the world - all you have to do is sign your name on the check and you help a good cause. I was wrong. I ended up spending hours on the computer and on the phone. Thanks for the great opportunity.”

February 2012

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