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Feeling Blessed

“God has been good to me my whole life,” Bill Remke said. “I have three wonderful children. I’m so busy with my business, I never had time to volunteer but I could help out financially.”

Remke FamilyBill Remke is thankful.

“God has been good to me my whole life,” Bill Remke said. “I have three wonderful children. I’m so busy with my business, I never had time to volunteer but I could help out financially.”

Bill is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Remke Markets, a grocery store chain based in Northern Kentucky. He said it’s important to give back to the community that has supported the business started by his grandfather.

“People have been good to me and the Remke organization,” he said.

Bill said his donor advised fund at GCF was exactly “the tool” he was looking for to help out organizations in need. “I prefer to give to the organizations I have a greater affinity for and this is why I’ve chosen GCF,” Bill said. “GCF enables me to donate when funds are available to me rather than having to make that decision when an organization calls.”

The busy entrepreneur shared that GCF adds discipline to his giving.

“Sometimes a gift is a one-time donation, but many times the gifts are based on annual appeals or capital campaigns that require a set number of years to give. With all the variety in giving, GCF helps keep me on a scheduled giving plan that is consistent from year to year and keeps me from missing a donation.”

He’s also a fan of Donor Access, GCF’s online service that allows donors to make grant suggestions, review their funds and e-mail service requests to Foundation staff.

“I can just sit down at home or work and make a request online and not have to wait until I get around to writing a letter or filling out a request form and then mailing it,” he said. “It also gives me an immediate update to what is happening in my account, an update of organizations I have been contributing to and general information about GCF.”

Bill said his giving is influenced by the joy he receives from being a parent.

“I’ve been a parent for 30 years,” he said. “I’ve always favored organizations helping children. I seem to gravitate towards groups with children with special needs.”

“When the Lord sees fit to take me from this life,” Bill said. “My children will take over my fund.” He is confident that Lauren, 27; Monica, 28; and Matthew, 30; will make sound decisions.
“My children have had excellent guidance in their high school and college careers in the area of helping others.”

He adds that Matthew’s kidney transplant in 1995 also influences his giving; he often donates to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital where Matthew received treatment.

Matthew said he and his sisters were always taught to “give back to what you’re a part of.”

“People always say you should have a passion for what you do. It’s not that my Dad has a passion for selling groceries, he has a passion for people, his employees and the community.”

Bill reflects that he’s had a great life and has been blessed.

“I’m so thankful for my children and the health they have had, I try to reach out to those who are not so fortunate.”

Bill Remke established a donor advised fund in 1995. It is part of The Northern Kentucky Family of Funds.

*This story was originally published in GCF’s 2005 Annual Report to the Community.

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