2020 Grantmaking Lifts Up Diverse Community Needs

October 28, 2019

In 2017, Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) adopted a new grantmaking schedule that aligns with our strategic We Rise Together focus on racial and gender equity. Our Request for Proposal (RFP) process targets diverse community needs on a quarterly basis throughout each year. We look forward to connecting donors with the purpose that drives their passions while supporting Greater Cincinnati nonprofit organizations that are moving the needle forward, creating a more vibrant community for all of us.

For 2020, GCF is expanding the window for applying for targeted grants, beginning with the Safety Net RFP. The submission deadline will be in January, but it will be launched in early December.

For 2020, GCF’s targeted RFPs will include:

  • Providing a Safety Net for Individuals and Families is an annual RFP to ensure vulnerable residents of our region have access to basic needs. This RFP will be released in December 2019.
  • Creating an Inclusive Community is an RFP supporting the inclusion of people living with physical and developmental disabilities in our region through an innovation-focused learning community. An invitation-only funding opportunity, it is only available to organizations expressly existing to serve those with physical and developmental disabilities. This RFP will be released to invited organizations in February 2020.
  • Supporting Educational Success is an annual RFP that supports the learning progress of our region’s children and young adults, both in and out of school. This RFP will be released in March 2020.
  • Strengthening Communities Through Organizing and Advocacy invests in community-led efforts recognizing the wisdom, creativity and other assets inherent in every neighborhood, for the purpose of building a more equitable region. The annual RFP will be released in June 2020.
  • Ensuring Environmental Sustainability — a biennial RFP— will be released in July 2020 to support programs that contribute to the conservation and beautification of our region, along with projects promoting waste reduction, energy conservation and ecological education for children and youth.

GCF will again, in partnership with our generous donors and the continuing support of the Charles H. Dater Foundation, fund Summertime Kids and Learning Links grant programs in 2020:

  • The Summertime Kids RFP, to support enriching youth programs during the summer months, will be released in January.
  • The Learning Links RFP, supporting local schools, will also be released in January.

Additionally, GCF will host Giving Circles in 2020.

Please watch our website for news on all of our 2020 RFPs and Giving Circles. For more information about GCF’s grant cycle, contact GCF Grants Associate Rosie Polter at 513-241-2880 or rosie.polter@gcfdn.org. For more information about co-investing alongside GCF, contact your GCF philanthropic advisor.