Tide Loads of Hope Fund

Natural disaster can pose a grave and persistent risk to our way of life within the United States with an increasing number of FEMA declared “major” disasters in each of the last several years.

After Hurricane Katrina forced tens of thousands of people from their homes, it became clear to Tide that during times of disaster, people are comforted by the most basic human provisions... including clean laundry. In response, P&G created “Tide Loads of Hope,” a mobile laundry program that provides clean clothes to families affected by natural disaster. Since its first trip to New Orleans after Katrina, Tide remains devoted to providing relief through clean clothes to communities in need.

You can help make a difference. Every little bit counts.

There are several ways you can help right now. You can donate directly to the Tide Loads of Hope Fund. Tide Loads of Hope is also committed to helping and will donate $30,000 worth of P&G products to The Midnight Mission. Together we can make a difference.

To make a secure online contribution, please complete and submit the form below. To use other than a credit card, please see Other Ways to Contribute to P&G Charitable Giving Funds.

About P&G and GCF

This fund is part of Procter & Gamble’s commitment to improving life for people in communities around the world. P&G is headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio, and has chosen to work with The Greater Cincinnati Foundation (a public charity) as its partner in administering this program.