About Us

Brazen Acts of Generosity

In 1995, Les McNeill initiated a marvelously brazen act. With $5,300 and the unabashed belief that she could improve the status of women in the Greater Cincinnati area, she created the Women’s Fund. Today, we are designing a community where all women can participate, prosper and reach their full potential. We produce groundbreaking research that has changed the conversation in backyards and boardrooms. Les started a movement that is now a force for women’s self-sufficiency.

We are proud to carry the torch.

Meet the Team

Melissa Rounds


Rajani Menon

Civic Inclusion Manager

Sara Kahmann, CFRE

Development Director

Travis Speice, Ph. D.

Applied Research Director

Michelle Hopkins

Communications Director

Holly Hankinson

Advocacy Director

Leadership Council

Lisa Fitzgibbon

Leadership Council Acting Chair
Alpine Insight, LLC

Sharahn Monk

US Leader, Enterprise Learning & Development, WorldPay, Inc.

Diane Altmix

Managing Director, Accenture

Desiré Bennett

Senior Social Equity Specialist, Design Impact

Jyotsna Bernet

Data Strategy Lead Business Analyst, 84.51

Julie Bernzott

Director of Corporate Relations, Great Parks of Hamilton County

Dr. Fernando Figueroa

President, Gateway Community & Technical College

Chris Flores

Founder & Lead Planner, Three Corners Capital

Elizabeth Hopkins

State Organizing Director, American Civil Liberties Union

Wijdan Jreisat

Shareholder, Katz, Teller, Brant & Hild

Sally Lloyd

Professor (retired), Miami University Dept. of Educational Leadership

Tina Macon

President & Senior Consultant, AllMac & Associates

Chad Maggard

Portfolio Manager, Johnson Investment Counsel

Ross Meyer

Peggy Murriner

Founder, Pair Up Systems Technology & Business Consulting

Amy Neyer

Strategy Consultant, Vecteris

Elizabeth Pierce

President & CEO, Cincinnati Museum Center

Karl Preissner

Senior Manager, Diversity & Inclusion, P&G

Aftab Pureval

Hamilton County Clerk of Courts

Bill Tucker

Executive Director, Flywheel

Barbara Turner

President & Chief Operating Officer, Ohio National Financial Services

Janice Urbanik

Senior Director, National Fund for Workforce Solutions

Rick Williams

President & CEO, The Home Ownership Center of Greater Cincinnati

Committee Volunteers

2020 Advocacy Committee

Mary Carol Melton
Liz Koszuta
Carrie Pastor
Joseph Puchala
Sarah Wessling
Lauren Ouart-Redman
Susan Rengstorf
Erin Schnurstein
Amy Neyer
Amber Brown
Nan Cahall
Ali Trianfo
Allison Puchala
Meridy Glenn
Rashida Manuel
Anne Sesler
Marla Morse
Tara Keesling
Patty Lawrence
Jane Page-Steiner
Colleen Reynolds
Emma Bachelder
Serena Owne
Jyotsna Bernet
Julie Schmidt

2020 Development Committee

Michelle Hopkins
Chris Flores
Peggy Murriner
Diane Altmix
Taren Kinebrew

2020 Engagement Committee

Deidra Wiley
Janet Hill
Tina Macon
Morgan Whaley
Kyla Woods
Linnea Gartin
Jackie Marcschall

2020 Research Committee

Kelly Adcock
Rachel Wells
Meghan Mullikin
Susan LaBonte
Zoha Mian
Danielle Smith
Sarah Gideonse
Sally Lloyd
Zeinab Schwen
Sara Gwiasda
Dionn Tron
Jillian Darwish
Jody Yetzer
Sarah Imran
Leah Efken
Lori Landrum
Olivia Ballard

The Women’s Fund Advisory Council

In collaboration with Cohear, we regularly convene a group of everyday experts to
inform our research, decide our grant investments and lift up the issues that need our
full attention.

Ballot Initiatives

Preschool Promise
Issue 7