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We are here for you. In addition to providing charitable solutions for your clients, we bring professional advisors together to learn and share ideas to grow their practice.

The GCF Advantage for Your Clients

When your client has a fund at GCF, benefits include:

  • community perspective - GCF deeply understands our region's greatest needs and can share that information with your client
  • connection with other charitable-minded individuals in our community.
  • flexible tax-saving tools that are unique to their individual needs.
  • a philanthropic advisor who is available to help your client create a customized plan to leverage their giving and to leave a lasting legacy.
  • and more…


Michele Carey, CAP® 
Director of Professional
Advisor Relations

Growing in Your Field

GCF offers several opportunities for professional advisors, including attorneys, accountants, financial planners and wealth managers, to grow professionally including:

GCF Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® Study Group (applications due March 1)

The GCF Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® Study Group. The CAP® designation demonstrates an advisor's commitment to provide a higher level of service and knowledge to help clients articulate and advance their highest aspirations for self, family and society. GCF offers CAP® Study Groups each year to help advisors achieve this goal as part of an annual cohort that learns together during the year, with the opportunity to participate in (re)CAP, the GCF CAP alumni group.


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Networking Opportunities

GCF hosts several events for networking each year where you can socialize with colleagues across professional disciplines.

Cannon Financial Institute's Estate Planning Teleconference Series: Co-hosted by Greater Cincinnati Foundation and Key Bank N.A.

This professional development opportunity includes complimentary lunch and continuing education credits.


June 21 - To Whom and When Does an Estate Planner Owe Duties?

The technical intricacies of estate planning are tough enough, but the challenge becomes still more intimidating when the identity of the person(s) to whom the planner owes legal and ethics-based duties is unclear and when the period during which such duties are owed is amorphous. Even the most honorable estate planning professional, if not sensitive to these issues, can find him or herself confronting a very difficult dilemma. In this teleconference, we will tackle the following serious issues:

  • When Does the Lawyer-Client Relationship Begin and When Does It End?
  • Relationship Between the Trustee’s Lawyer and the Beneficiaries
  • When a Lawyer Can Owe Duties to a Non-Client
  • Lawyer’s Obligations to a Client After Active Representation Has Ended


 July 26 - Post-Motem Planning and Strategies

Planning and maneuvering to reduce or eliminate taxes aren’t just for the living. Numerous opportunities exist to minimize taxes relating to the transmission of an individual’s property even after he or she has died. A fiduciary (or the fiduciary’s advisors) must have comprehensive knowledge of the applicable tax laws and must be vigilant not to miss any deadlines for taking action. Among the many possible steps to consider, which will be examined in this teleconference, include the following:

  • Timing and Structuring of Pecuniary Gift Funding and Distributions
  • Qualified Disclaimers and QTIP Elections
  • Election to Treat Post-Death Revocable Trust as Part of the Estate and Fiscal Year Election
  • Sixty-Five Day Rule Election


August 23 - Compounding Complications in Charitable Giving

Outside the context of outright gifts of cash to a public charity, charitable giving can be complicated. Familiar examples of charitable giving techniques that can present challenges include charitable gift annuities, split-interest charitable trusts, farm or residence remainder interest gifts, gifts of equity in a closely-held entity and IRA charitable rollovers. This teleconference will go beyond those familiar examples and explore additional areas that can be traps for the unwary, including:

  • Emerging Issues Surrounding Donor Advised Funds
  • Conservation Easements
  • Internal Revenue Code Section 642(c) Deduction
  • Mismatch Between Gross Estate Inclusion and Charitable Deduction


September 20 - Mechanics and Strategies for Resolving Trust Disputes

A poorly conceived or sloppily designed estate plan can actually cause more problems than it solves. Fortunately, under the laws of most jurisdictions, various judicial and non-judicial options exist with which to remedy estate planning problems after-the-fact. A well-rounded estate planner not only needs to know how to create a high-quality estate plan that addresses a client’s needs but also should be facile with available methods to repair broken estate plans. This teleconference will focus on the following:

  • Using Virtual Representation
  • Beneficiary Waivers, Consents and Releases
  • Trust Modifications, Premature Terminations and Decanting
  • Identifying and Avoiding Adverse Tax Consequences in Settling Trust Disputes


October 25 - Legitimate and Effective Asset Protection Planning

Asset protection planning is important to an increasingly broad range of clients – both for themselves and for their children. Creditors seem to be more aggressive these days, and more clients are becoming conscious of their potential to wake up one day in a vulnerable financial situation. Estate planners should offer their clients the opportunity to discuss, early in the estate planning process, the advantages of and available techniques by which to secure at least some measure of asset protection. This teleconference will focus on the following:

  • Avoiding Fraudulent or Voidable Transfers
  • Using Tenancy by the Entireties Form of Ownership
  • Protected Status of Qualified Retirement Plans, IRAs and Life Insurance
  • Trusts – Including Self-Settled Trusts, Certain Joint Trusts and Third Party-Settled Trusts


November 15 - Qualified Retirement Plan and IRAs - What You Can and Can't Do

Many of our clients have sizable accumulations in qualified retirement plans and IRAs. This is yet another unique type of asset that presents potential opportunities and difficulties in the estate planning context. The ultimate beneficial objective is to maintain as much of the plan or IRA intact for as long as possible – in order to maximize income tax-deferred investment return – while preserving as much dispositive flexibility as possible. This quest is often elusive. We will address in this teleconference the following critical components of this estate planning

  • Using See-Through Trusts and Conduit Trusts Within SECURE Act Parameters
  • Taking Maximum Advantage of Special Rules Available Only to a Spouse
  • Avoiding Penalties Applicable to Qualified Plans and IRAs
  • Overview of Prohibited Transactions

Foundation Advisory Network (FAN)

FAN serves as a volunteer advisory committee for our work with professional advisors. 

Meet Our FAN Members

Robert E. Brant
Katz Teller

Robert W. Buechner
Buechner, Haffer, Meyers & Koenig

Christine A. Buttress

Aaron Byrd
Frost Brown Todd 

Michael W. Clark, CPA
Cassady Schiller CPA & Advisors

Lucas Hail
Foster & Motley 

Jennifer T Leonard
Leonard Law P.S.C.

P. Trent Lucas
Legacy Financial Advisors

William F. Lyon
The Lyon Group, LLC

William M. McCarthy
FTB Financial Services/UBS

William L. Montague
Retired, Frost Brown Todd LLC

T. Stephen Phillips

Porter Wright Morris & Arthur

Nicole Redus
Ascension Wealth Management 

Courtney Reitman-Deinlein

Mary L. Rust


Kenneth L. Schlachter, CFA

Bartlett & Co.

Jami Vallandingham

VonLehman & Company


Bridge Builder Awards

In 2009, GCF created the Bridge Builder Award, to be given annually to a professional advisor who has provided exceptional service to their clients, and is recognized as a community champion and charitable giving ambassador. 

Meet Our Past Honorees

2019 - Bartlett Wealth Management

2018 - Mary Rust, Taft/

2017 - Denice Hertlein 

2016 - David W. Ellis III, UBS Financial Services

2015 - Patricia D. Laub, Frost Brown Todd LLC

2014 - Foster & Motley, Inc.

2013 - FTB Financial Services

2012 - John Lame, Lenox Wealth Management

2011 - William Montague, Frost Brown Todd LLC

2010 - Christine A. Buttress, Graydon Head

2009 - Bob Brant, Katz, Teller, Brant, & Hild

             Paul Sittenfeld, Robert W. Baird & Co.

Meet Our Ambassadors

We gratefully acknowledge the following professional advisors who contribute to the good of our community by introducing their clients to GCF.

Meet Our Partners


Jeff Aylor

William Bahl

Scott Barbee

Bruce Berno

Joel Brant

Robert E. Brant

Thomas J. Breed

Jay Brinker

Diane B. Brunn

Robert Buechner

Robert Bult

Molly Buquo

Anne Burney

Christopher Bush

Chirstine Buttress

J. Aaron Byrd

Catherine Cannon

Dennis M. Carson

Scott Cengia

Michael Clark

Amy A. Commins

Stephen Dallas

Jeffrey E. Daniher

David DeVita

Allison Doll

Kelley Downing

Tim Dumont

Alan Eichner

David W. Ellis III

Sharon Elliston

Janie Evans

David A. Foster

Tim Foster

Jan M. Frankel

Jenny Franta

Thomas M. Gaier

Kathleen Galligan

Scott E. Grosser

Scott Gruner

Lucas P. Hail

Joel Handorf

Daniel Hass

Jeremy Haydon

Mary J. Healy

Denice Hertlein

Daniel J. Hoffheimer

Jon Hoffheimer

Tricia M. Johnson

Casey Jones

Howard Kaplan

Fred Keith

William Kelleher

Chris Kiley

Emerson T. Knowles

Margaret G. Kubicki

Tom Lalley

John Lame

Jay Lange

Patricia Laub

Sheryl M. Linne

Scott Litwin

Tony Luckhardt

Keith Lum

Crofford Macklin

Whitney B. Maxon

William McCarthy

Bernie McKay

Kyle McLaughlin

Anne Lame Megerle

Donald Mendelsohn

Douglas A. Meyer

Michael Miller

William L. Montague

Mark Motley

Valerie Newell

Chelsea Nichols

David Nienaber

Claire Parish

Mark Patterson

Alexandra Ollinger

David Osborn

Mary Ann Pietromonaco

Nick Puncer

Thomas M. Regan

Michael J. Riley 

Joseph P. Rouse

Thomas J. Ruberg

Mary Rust

Vincent Salinas

David Singer

Paul Sittenfeld

Paul Staubach

Donna Sterwerf

Johnathan Thornberry

Daniel L. Torbeck

Robert F. Uhrig

Courtney M. Weber

H. Patrick Weber

John Whedon

David Wilder

Luke Wiley

Kelly L. Wittich

Deren Worell

Brad Zapp


My wife and I make grants to our favorite nonprofits locally and nationally from our donor advised fund at GCF. The bonus is that the fund's fees support all the great work GCF is doing in our community. It's a win-win that makes us feel twice as good about charitable giving.
Dave Foster, Co-Founder, Foster & Motley