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We love that you “get” our work.

We are passionate about the change we are making because it is long-term and will help generations of women and their families. 

Investing in women and their families is the strongest, most effective way to make our community more prosperous. We deeply believe, when you empower women, the entire community thrives! 

But, we cannot sustain this critical work without your commitment. When we collectively stand together, we achieve much more than we ever could alone. Your help continues this work to address the economic barriers that women face. 

Your gift is extremely important to us because it will help us move women out of poverty and create a shared vision for women’s self-sufficiency. And, it’s good karma.

Donors may also establish their own fund or use their existing fund at The Greater Cincinnati Foundation to support The Women’s Fund

Attention Hosts and Hostesses:

We are overjoyed that you're going to be a host at "A Conversation with... Abby Wambach!" It will take place on March 25, 2017. As you know, this will be an enlightening evening with the best people in Greater Cincinnati and we're glad you're one of them.

The individual host level ticket is $250 which includes your name printed in the program, fantastic seating at the event, and an invitation to the VIP Reception after the speech where you can meet and greet Abby. As a bonus, you will get a signed copy of Abby's memoir Forward which details experiences of how she pushed the limits of what is possible. 

You can purchase your VIP ticket here. To make it easy for all, in the "How did you hear about The Women's Fund?" field just note: "Kicking it with Abby!" 

You can also mail a check to: The Women's Fund, 200 West Fourth Street, Cincinnati OH 45202. (On the memo line, just write "Kicking it with Abby!") 

Thank you again for being such a great supporter of The Women's Fund. We really appreciate your support and generosity.

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