A Letter from Meghan Cummings for the Honor & Onward Campaign

April 15, 2022

Dear Women’s Fund Friends and Supporters, 

Times of transition naturally make us reflect. As I approach the end of my tenure at the Women’s Fund, I’ve been reflecting on a favorite poem called “To Be of Use” by Margy Piercy. The line I think about the most fills me with gratitude for the passionate people who laid the foundation for the Women’s Fund who work each day to bring lasting change to our community:

“I love people who harness themselves, an ox to a heavy cart,
who pull like water buffalo, with massive patience,
who strain in the mud and the muck to move things forward,
who do what has to be done, again and again.”

They envision a world where all women can participate, prosper and reach their full potential. They can perfectly envision this future and they work, undeterred, through ups and downs to make it a reality. I hope that you, too, can imagine this world and are inspired to support the Women’s Fund so that we can continue towards this inspiring future.

Together with you, the Women’s Fund has created a new reality for the women in our community:

  • We became the first city in the Midwest to pass the salary history ban, which helps women and people of color shed historic pay inequity and start their new jobs on a more equal path!
  • We’ve released 18 research reports and briefs to illuminate the challenges and inspire leaders to take informed action about reducing disparities.
  • We’ve created a best-in-class tool to help employers meet the needs of their frontline workers that is used by more than a thousand employers across the country.
  • We’ve created an intentional effort to get more women appointed to civic boards and commissions. Better decisions are made when our tables are brimming with diverse lived experience!

Yes, this work is difficult. But it is also a work of immense joy. Knowing that the Women’s Fund reaches for this refreshing, equitable… irresistible future is beyond inspiring. Powered by the fuel of donors and committed, courageous partners, I know our brightest days and biggest wins are still ahead of us.

What a momentous time to be part of the vital work of the Women’s Fund!

With our Honor & Onward campaign, we are celebrating the success of the Women’s Fund and preparing for our next transformative chapter. This campaign is for everyone who strongly believes in what we have built here at the Women’s Fund—and who wants to be an integral part of expanding our impact as we evolve.

Please consider a gift to our Honor and Onward Campaign – for our past, for our future! Thanks for your generosity and your confidence in our work.


Meghan Cummings, Executive Director