Women’s Fund Statement on SCOTUS Affirmative Action Decision

June 30, 2023

To our Women’s Fund Supporters:

The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation is deeply disturbed by the Supreme Court’s decision to ban Affirmative Action, as it has significant implications for the economic self-sufficiency of women and girls. Affirmative Action has played a crucial role in addressing historical disadvantages and systemic barriers that women, particularly women of color, face in accessing education and employment opportunities.

By banning Affirmative Action, we risk further marginalizing women and girls, especially those from underrepresented communities. Studies have consistently shown that diverse and inclusive environments lead to better outcomes, innovation, and economic growth. By removing measures that promote diversity, we limit the opportunities for women and girls to succeed and contribute to the workforce.

Furthermore, the economic self-sufficiency of women and girls is intrinsically tied to their educational and professional opportunities. Affirmative Action has helped to break down barriers and provide access to higher education and quality jobs, enabling women to achieve economic independence and support themselves and their families. Without these essential supports, we risk exacerbating the gender pay gap, income inequality, and limited career advancement opportunities for women.

The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation remains committed to advancing gender equity and ensuring that all women and girls have equal opportunities to thrive. We will continue to advocate for policies and initiatives that promote diversity, inclusion, and equal access to education and employment. We urge policymakers, institutions, and employers to recognize the importance of Affirmative Action in creating a fair and equitable society that benefits everyone.

Together, we can persevere and work towards a future where every woman and girl can reach her full potential, contribute meaningfully to the economy, and build a better future for themselves and their communities. 

Toward Equity,
Alicia Miller
Executive Director, Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation