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You share a passion, a mission and a commitment with Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) to make our surrounding communities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana a better place for all.

Your partnership with GCF — combined with our leadership in anticipating community needs and empowering initiatives — has led to meaningful change. But we can do more to make an even greater impact. When you support our Empowering Communities Annual Fund, you play a pivotal role in creating brighter futures, stronger communities and a more vibrant region. 

Affordable housing is a critical need in Greater Cincinnati — there is a deficit of an estimated 40,000 units — and GCF is determined to help find solutions to this issue. We know that improving housing stability is key for families to move themselves out of poverty, and has positive impact on their health, work and educational opportunities. 

To make an empowering contribution, mail your tax-deductible gift, suggest a transfer directly from your GCF fund, donate through our website or simply call us at 513-241-2880. As always, we’re here to help amplify the power of your giving.

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“Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s encompassing view of the equity issues challenging our region gives us a unique perspective to help convene the work needed to drive us forward. Our Empowering Communities Annual Fund provides the resources to lead and support those efforts, and your gift amplifies the impact of GCF’s efforts. Please join us and magnify the power of this innovative and important vision.”

— Christopher L. Fister, GCF Board Chair, 

Partner, Castellini Management Company

Your generosity is changing the future of our communities

GCF has worked to empower meaningful community efforts including: 

  • The recently released All-In Cincinnati Action Plan. In 2017, GCF helped convene the All-In Cincinnati Coalition through work with the national equity institute PolicyLink. The culmination of more than a year of research by the coalition, All-In Cincinnati provides a roadmap for equity work that benefits our entire community.
  • The Family Independence Initiative - Cincinnati. Significantly funded by GCF and our donors, this proven approach has engaged more than 200 impoverished families in its first year, bringing them together in cohort groups to set data-informed goals to improve their economic circumstances.
  • The unveiling of Union Terminal/Cincinnati Museum Center’s renovation. This month’s reveal is the latest outcome of the Cultural Facilities Task Force, which GCF was instrumental in initiating in 2014, to preserve our cultural heritage for future generations.

Through our Empowering Communities Annual Fund, GCF provides the seasoned leadership crucial to creating a stronger, more vital community of opportunity and equity for all. The fund fuels the deep, cross-sector meaningful work needed to bring such big-picture visions to life.

Today, GCF is working with stakeholders and community partners to examine the multiple factors that provoke housing instability, starting with eviction policies. Your contribution to our Empowering Communities Annual Fund enables our team to further partner with organizations that are most effectively impacting housing stability. Together, we will magnify the progress we make in this critical area.


Support this work

Continue playing a pivotal role in creating brighter futures, stronger communities and a more vibrant region by supporting the GCF Empowering Communities Annual Fund.

3 Easy Ways to Donate:

  • Use our secure donation page to make a credit card donation during to the Empowering Communities Annual Fund.
  • Send a check payable to the Greater Cincinnati Foundation with "Empowering Communities Annual Fund" in the memo line to GCF, 720 E. Pete Rose Way, Suite 120, Cincinnati, OH 45202.
  • GCF donors can make a grant suggestion for the Empowering Communities Annual Fund by logging into Giving Connection

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