Empowering Communities Annual Fund

Empowering Communities Annual Fund

You share a passion, a mission, and a commitment with the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to make our surrounding communities in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana a better place for all.

Your partnership with GCF—combined with our leadership in anticipating community needs and empowering initiatives—has led to meaningful change. But we can do more to make an even greater impact. When you support our Empowering Communities Annual Fund, you play a pivotal role in creating brighter futures, stronger communities and a more vibrant region. 

To make an empowering contribution, mail your tax-deductible gift, suggest a transfer directly from your GCF fund, donate through our website or simply call us at 513-241-2880. As always, we’re here to help amplify the power of your giving.

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The Greater Cincinnati Foundation is in a unique position to be able to connect people like you and me with purpose in a way that makes our collective impact so much stronger than anything we could accomplish alone.”

Christopher L. Fister, Incoming Governing Board Chair; Partner, Castellini Management Company

Your generosity is changing the future of our communities

GCF has worked to empower meaningful community efforts including: 

  • The Family Independence Initiative – providing our neighbors with financial and social capital to lift themselves out of poverty
  • All-in Cincinnati – an innovative, community-wide initiative to resolve persistent inequalities among our cities and neighborhoods, so we can all rise together
  • Music Hall renovation – a completely revitalized community treasure reopened for all to enjoy thanks, in part, to our ability to connect people with purpose

That’s what GCF is all about. Whether your passion as a donor is a more vibrant arts scene, raising healthier children, lifting families out of poverty—whatever your vision for creating stronger communities—that’s our mission.

Together with our donors, we’ve been a catalyst for meaningful change, but we could be making an even greater impact on our region. This is the promise and the potential of our new Empowering Communities Annual Fund. 

Support this work

Continue playing a pivotal role in creating brighter futures, stronger communities and a more vibrant region by supporting the GCF Empowering Communities Annual Fund.

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