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Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s Annual Fund is driven by the belief that change in our community requires leaders who can inspire and convene changemakers to collaborate and create solutions. It provides GCF with the financial ability to take on a leadership role in our community and address our region’s most critical and persistent needs.

Through a contribution to the Annual Fund, you play a pivotal role in realizing the goal of a more vibrant, equitable region for everyone. Let’s make an impact, together.

In 2018, GCF played a leadership role in introducing a proven model for poverty reduction that was new to the region. Along with donors, we invested $1.8 million to this program now called UpTogether. It provides low-income families with cash to help achieve their goals, in exchange for their contributing data to a national platform that tracks their progress. Data has shown meaningful increases in savings and income with corresponding decreases in dependence on public assistance. GCF’s Annual Fund fuels community leadership work that makes partnerships like UpTogether possible.


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“Few of us have the expertise or can take the time to provide the leadership required to address the most pressing needs of our community, regardless of our desire to do so.  Fortunately, we have community foundations like GCF to do exactly that, but they need resources to play that role.  We feel privileged to contribute to the Greater Cincinnati Annual Fund because our gift makes us a small part of GCF’s progress in driving meaningful change in Greater Cincinnati.”

- John and Janie Domaschko, Annual Fund contributors

Even $50 combined with contributions across our community can support this work so we can be at the tables that matter, so we can solve these problems together and that we can have a real presence in our city, county, state and federally to represent these issues and work on public policy together.

- Meghan Cummings, Vice President Civic Advancement

The Annual Fund is a major contributor to our work. It allows people like myself to really be out engaged in the community working on important issues such as housing. As we know housing and affordable housing in particular is a real challenge in our community...Even a small contributor is not alone they're in partnership with others and that makes a real difference over time, in terms of the investments we make in the community.

- Robert Killins Jr., Director, Special Initiatives

Strategic Initiatives

The primary strategic initiatives of the Annual Fund include:

Affordable Housing

The Annual Fund has allowed GCF leaders to convene and connect with dozens of partners and hundreds of stakeholders to fund research around affordable housing and secure over $9 million in affordable housing impact investments.

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Economic Mobility

The Annual Fund fuels the strategic work necessary to develop partnerships with organizations such as UpTogether and Economic & Community Development Institute that directly improve life outcome of people in our region.

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Racial Justice Fund

The Annual Fund supports community leadership work to provide resources and community education to combat racism and address racial disparities for people of color in Greater Cincinnati.

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If you are interested in requesting funding, please submit a community leadership inquiry form for consideration and our team will be in touch within 30 days.