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We are here for you. In addition to providing charitable solutions for your clients, we bring professional advisors together to learn and share ideas to grow their practice. GCF offers several opportunities for professional advisors, including attorneys, accountants, financial planners and wealth managers.

Cannon Teleconference Series

CAP® Study Group


Bridge Builder Recipients

Since 2009, the Bridge Builder Award has been given annually to a professional advisor who has provided exceptional service to their clients and is recognized as a community champion and charitable giving ambassador at GCF’s Professional Advisor Network Event. We extend our deepest gratitude to each Bridge Builder for their outstanding commitment to our region.

Bridge Builder Recipients

Foundation Advisory Network (FAN)

FAN serves as a volunteer advisory committee for our work with professional advisors. 

Meet our FAN members

GCF Ambassadors

Thank you for introducing your clients to GCF!


Jeff Aylor

Scott Barbee

Bruce Berno

Joel Brant

Robert E. Brant

Thomas J. Breed

Jay Brinker

Diane B. Brunn

Robert Buechner

Robert Bult

Molly Buquo

Anne Burney

Christopher Bush

Chirstine Buttress

J. Aaron Byrd

Catherine Cannon

Dennis M. Carson

Scott Cengia

Michael Clark

Amy A. Commins

Stephen Dallas

Jeffrey E. Daniher

David DeVita

Allison Doll

Kelley Downing

Tim Dumont

Alan Eichner

David W. Ellis III

Sharon Elliston

Janie Evans

David A. Foster

Tim Foster

Jan M. Frankel

Jenny Franta

Thomas M. Gaier

Kathleen Galligan

Scott E. Grosser

Scott Gruner

Lucas P. Hail

Joel Handorf

Daniel Hass

Jeremy Haydon

Mary J. Healy

Denice Hertlein

Daniel J. Hoffheimer

Jon Hoffheimer

Tricia M. Johnson

Casey Jones

Howard Kaplan

Fred Keith

William Kelleher

Chris Kiley

Emerson T. Knowles

Margaret G. Kubicki

Tom Lalley

John Lame

Jay Lange

Patricia Laub

Sheryl M. Linne

Scott Litwin

Tony Luckhardt

Keith Lum

Crofford Macklin

Whitney B. Maxon

William McCarthy

Bernie McKay

Kyle McLaughlin

Anne Lame Megerle

Donald Mendelsohn

Douglas A. Meyer

Michael Miller

William L. Montague

Mark Motley

Valerie Newell

Chelsea Nichols

David Nienaber

Claire Parish

Mark Patterson

Alexandra Ollinger

David Osborn

Mary Ann Pietromonaco

Nick Puncer

Thomas M. Regan

Michael J. Riley 

Joseph P. Rouse

Thomas J. Ruberg

Mary Rust

Vincent Salinas

David Singer

Donna Sterwerf

Johnathan Thornberry

Daniel L. Torbeck

Robert F. Uhrig

Courtney M. Weber

H. Patrick Weber

John Whedon

David Wilder

Luke Wiley

Kelly L. Wittich

Deren Worell

Brad Zapp





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