Resources for Nonprofits

Greater Cincinnati Foundation is always looking to learn and grow, and we know our community nonprofits are too.

The resources listed below are in no way complete or exhaustive. Rather, we seek to share some of the resources we are aware of, whether in our community or beyond, that are available to strengthen our community as we seek to build a more vibrant and equitable region together. Have a resource that has been particularly helpful to you in this work? We’d love to hear about it. Share it with us at


Adison Nelson
Senior Director, Community Investments


Greater Cincinnati Foundation has partnered with local organizations and our Grantmaking Affiliates to conduct research that is aligned with our Community Leadership focus areas. To review these reports, please visit our Community Leadership page.


Building a Racial Equity Approach


Capacity Building Resources

Please note: These organizations are not endorsed by GCF and are only a list of organizations working in this space.

Resources for Grantees

Once your organization has been granted by Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF), we ask that you publicize your grant through the media, your website and social media, and printed materials. Often, the media is more interested in hearing directly from a nonprofit organization and the people it benefits. Below are our guidelines for acknowledging GCF in your publications.