Community Awards 

Greater Cincinnati Foundation often honors individuals for their exceptional generosity in our community. Learn more about our Jacob E. Davis Volunteer Leadership Award, our Bridge Builder Award, our Devou Cup Honorees and Emerging Philanthropist Award below.

Jacob E. Davis Volunteer Leadership Award

Jacob E. Davis was Greater Cincinnati Foundation's first Governing Board chairman and the Foundation’s volunteer director from 1978 until 1987. Jake gave generously of his time, energy, wisdom and personal resources to help the community and to develop GCF’s assets.

His contributions to schools, universities, church, healthcare institutions, United Way, and to civic endeavors at the local, state and national levels reflect his belief that the individual can have a positive impact on his or her community by making and fulfilling a personal commitment to address community issues. GCF mourned Jake's passing in early 2003. 

The Jacob E. Davis Volunteer Leadership Award is presented annually by the Foundation to honor volunteers who stand out because of their leadership, vision, creativity and generosity of spirit.

Recipients of the Jacob E. Davis Volunteer Leadership Award

2023 - Bob Coughlin
2022 - David S. Taylor
2021 - Beverly A. Grant
2020 - Gail and J. Phillip Holloman
2019 - Dianne Rosenberg
2018 - Kitty and Dick Rosenthal
2017 - Tom Williams
2016 - Joe and Louise Head
2015 - Wym and Jan Portman
2014 - Ed and Carole Rigaud
2013 - Shannon and Lee Carter
2012 - Francie and John Pepper
2011 - Dr. Myrtis H. Powell
2010 - Frank and Rosemary Bloom
2009 - William and Susan Friedlander
2008 - Herbert R. Brown
2007 - Joseph and Susan Pichler
2005 - Carrie Baker Keneipp, Gavin Leonard, Beth Sence, Gabrielle Summe, Lamont Taylor, Stacey Walsh.
2004 - Molly Bischoff, Marena Brown, Bill Donabedian, Lara and Mark Guttadauro, George Long, Sean Rhiney, Heather Sturgill
2003 - Daniel & Minor LeBlond, Kathryn M. Pettengill, Dr. Jean W. Rothenberg, Ruth S. Upson
2002 - Miriam West
2001 - Harry Santen
2000 - Dick Bere
1999 - The Rev. L.H. Mayfield
1998 - Melissa Lanier
1997 - Judge Robert and Helen Black
1996 - Tony Linz
1995 - G. Gibson “Gibby” Carey IV
1994 - Virginia Weatherbie
1993 - Marian A. Spencer
1992 - Susan I. Radabaugh
1991 - J. Rawson Collins
1990 - Joan Jones Portman
1989 - Elizabeth D. Goldsmith
1988 - William T. Robinson III
1987 - Robert P. Jahnigen



Bridge Builder Award

Since its inception, Greater Cincinnati Foundation has had the privilege of working with many professionals, including estate planners, financial advisors, insurance professionals and others, who connect their charitably-inclined clients with GCF’s resources. In 2009, GCF created the Bridge Builder Award, to be given each year to a professional advisor who has been a supporter of the Foundation in multiple ways over many years.

Recipients of the Bridge Builder Award

2023 - Michael A. Hirschfeld, Bricker Graydon LLP
2022 - R. Daniel Fales, Clark Schaefer Hackett
2021 - Terence L. Horan, HORAN
2019 - Bartlett Wealth Management
2018 - Mary Rust, Taft/
2017 - Denice Hertlein, Watch Hill Advisory
2016 - David W. Ellis III, UBS Financial Services, Inc.
2015 - Patricia D. Laub, Frost Brown Todd LLC 
2014 - Foster & Motley, Inc.
2013 - FTB/UBS Financial Services
2012 - John Lame, Lenox 
2011 - William Montague, Frost Brown Todd LLC
2010 - Christine A. Buttress, Graydon
2009 - Bob Brant, Katz Teller and Paul Sittenfeld,  Baird 


The Devou Cup

The Devou Cup was created in 2004 by The Northern Kentucky Fund to honor the generosity of a donor who has made a profound difference in the quality of community life in Northern Kentucky, today and tomorrow. The award was named in honor of the generosity exemplified by William Devou, a 19th century philanthropist.

Recipients of the Devou Cup
2022 - Bob and Dell Ann Sathe
2021 - Edwin T. (Ted) and Marlene Robinson
2020 - Chuck and Julie Geisen Scheper
2019 - Marie and Dick Tapke
2018 - Joan and Wm. T. (Bill) Robinson III
2017 - John and Jane Domaschko
2016 - Wilbert L. Ziegler
2015 - Ellen and Dr. George Rieveschl
2014 - Frank and Patricia Sommerkamp
2013 - Bill and Sue Butler
2012 - Clyde and Mary Middleton
2011 - Alice Sparks
2010 - Judy Clabes
2009 - Henry “Bud” Pogue, IV and Betty Pogue
2008 - Oakley and Eva Farris
2007 - Cliff and Pat Borland
2006 - Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile, Jr.
2005 - R.C. Durr
2004 - Ralph and Irmaleen Drees

Emerging Philanthropist Award

The Northern Kentucky Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation presents the Emerging Philanthropist Award to a young philanthropic leader who gives generously of time, experience, and resources for the benefit of Greater Cincinnati and inspires others to do the same. This award is given in partnership with LEGACY and given at the Next Generation Leader Awards. 

Recipients of the Emerging Philanthropist Award

2019 - Jamie Ritter
2018 - Adam Turer
2017 - Clare Zlatic Blankemeyer
2016 - Craig Carlson
2015 - Beth Nowak
2014 - Crystal Gibson