Greater Cincinnati Foundation's Core Values


Because giving and sharing is in our DNA

Generosity fuels our work. We seek out generous people to give to our community and comprise our team. We do not hoard, but rather, we share our resources, our power, ourselves both inside and outside the walls of our foundation. We root our work in grace, the ultimate generosity of spirit for our team and all whose lives we exist to improve.

Greater Good

Because none of us means more than all of us

As a philanthropic organization, we exist for the greater good, especially within our region. As a team, we rely on and are dedicated to each other. We keep our egos in check, recognizing that none of us is smarter than all of us. We listen to understand before seeking to be understood within our walls and within our region. We lift each other up so that we, as a collective, can do the same for our community.


Because one size really doesn’t fit all

Equity is our NorthStar, our way of being and doing so all can thrive. We honor the voices of everyone with whom we work and serve, driven to build solidarity as an organization and community. We respect differences and meet the needs of people and organizations where they are. We lead our mission for equity from the inside out, walking our talk with trust, humility and dedication.


Because the way forward isn’t always clear

We embrace our role as a leadership organization. We know we must take risks and may find ourselves in uncharted or uncomfortable places. To balance we make room for selfcare and celebration. Our work requires vision and courage to try new approaches, so we make space for failure too. We stay humble and focused through uncertainty, knowing that our community is counting on us to lead the way.


Because we are always a work in progress

We approach our work with the intent to grow as an organization and as individuals. We recognize that impact grows as assets grow, so we think big and stay driven. At the same time, we recognize our work is for the long term, so we pace ourselves to maximize our capacity. Each of us commits to developing ourselves as professionals so the community can benefit from our collective advancement, and we cheer each other on as we evolve.