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Mission Moments

Sunny Reelhorn Parr
Executive Director - The Kroger Co. Foundation

Sunny highlights the significance of catalyzing necessary conversations as community conveners and thought leaders.

"Philanthropy is about giving of our hands and time, probably our most valuable resource…I think that networking, continuing to build what this journey looks like, is maybe the most important."

Jill Miller
President, Bethesda Inc.

Jill expresses her personal racial equity journey and hopes of building a better tomorrow.

"I believe that if we really are going to take advantage of this moment in time to create real change that is needed, it has to start with the hearts and minds and you have to start with you."

Delores Hargrove-Young 
Governing Board Chair, Greater Cincinnati Foundation

Delores emphasizes the impact of leaning in to make a difference in our community.

"The change that I want to see is to make sure that as we're lifting our voices, we're making sure that we're listening to the voices of the people that are actually impacted by this each and everyday."

Tom Shepherd
CEO, The Shepherd Chemical Company

Tom shares his passion of Racial Equity Matters, presented by bi3 and the relevance of the series.

“Racial Equity Matters is one of the most profound, world-view, mind growing  experiences I've ever had."     

Eddie Koen
President & CEO, Urban League of Greater Southwestern Ohio

Eddie reflects on the importance of convening with like-minded goals to amplify change in our region.

"When you have a foundation that understands being proximate to the community and that is incredibly penetrating, beyond metrics, beyond data, when you really want to touch people's lives—you can create some great things."

Jill Miller
President, Bethesda Inc.

Jill discusses bi3's sponsorship of Racial Equity Matters and her experience as a participant.

"I will say that Phase 1 training changed my entire perspective."