Our Governing Board

"I am so proud of and energized by GCF’s commitment to racial equity. This work is catalyzing transformative conversation and action across our community."

Ellen van der Horst

Board Chair

"I am passionate about GCF creating awareness and driving change in our community for diversity, equity and inclusion."

David P. Osborn, CFA

Vice Chair

"I’m passionate about GCF’s impact on the Cincinnati community. No organization is better situated to have a powerful impact on Greater Cincinnati."

George H. Vincent, Esq.

Immediate Past Chair

"I am passionate about GCF because good ideas from good people are funded to produce great work that narrows the gap between rich and poor."

Robyn F. Chatman, MD

"GCF is a wonderful bridge between donors and the community and in doing so they provide donors with a way to maximize their giving and together they positively impact challenging issues in the community."

Sheila Cohen, PhD

Keith Dailey

"I am most passionate about GCF’s work in helping donors identify efforts and organizations where additional resources can create the deepest impact for our community."

John Domaschko

"I am passionate about GCF's commitment to helping the vulnerable and disenfranchised in our community through their focus on racial equity, racial justice and programs to address poverty."

Nirvani Head

“I am most passionate about GCF’s sensitivity and meeting the diverse needs of the community, it’s GCF’s difference!”

Stephen L. Hightower

Vada Hill

Brian Hodgett

"Through philanthropy, GCF exists to improve our community in a variety of ways. This coincides with my passion to support efforts that improve lives of those in our community who need it most."

Steve Jemison

"I am most passionate about the work that GCF does improving the lives of children."

Ernest F. McAdams, Jr. Esq.

"I am passionate regarding the goal to increase donor advised funds and private foundations with prospective clients."

Maribeth S. Rahe

Herb Robinson

"As I reflect on the work of GCF, I am most passionate about GCF's strategic approach to insuring best practices while addressing racial equity within our community."

Digi Schueler

“I am moved by GCF’s efforts to lift Cincinnatians by supporting economic mobility, affordable housing, and equity for all.”

Jen Stein

"I am most passionate about GCF’s work in making Greater Cincinnati a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive community which is foundational in making us a 'Tier One city'."  

Joel Stone

"I am excited about GCF’s focus on racial equity -  lifting us all by including everyone."

Nita Walker, MD

"I am truly inspired by GCF’s work to increase racial equity in our community. This lens has motivated me to increase both my giving and advocacy."

Sallie Westheimer

"I am passionate about GCF’s efforts to impact and improve the lives of people in our community and promotion of philanthropy to accomplish that."

Ronald C. Christian, Esq.

Legal Counsel

Matthew Randazzo

President and CEO