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Find out more about Greater Cincinnati Foundation's targeted Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

Greater Cincinnati Foundation announced changes to our grantmaking process to align with our We Rise Together Community Investment Strategy. If you are unclear on how your project may align with GCF, we suggest submitting a funding inquiry. RFP topics and subsequent investments are driven by donor intent. Please see the table below for RFP opportunities and time frames. 

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RFP Schedule*

Providing a Safety Net for Individuals and Families RFP (Release: Jan 2, 2019)

Purposes: To ensure vulnerable residents of our region have access to food and shelter. To increase access to well-integrated and/or trauma-informed behavioral health services.

Next Cycle: Q1 2019. Frequency: Annual

Supporting Educational Success RFP (Next Release: Q2 2019)

Purpose: To support the educational success of children, youth and young adults across our region both in and out of school.

Next Cycle: Q2 2019. Frequency: Annual

Creating an Inclusive Community Training and RFP (Next Release: Q3 2019)


To drive inclusion of people living with physical and developmental disabilities in our region through an innovation-focused learning community. This RFP will lean on an intensive 2-day innovation training scheduled Thursday, Oct. 26 and Friday, Oct. 27. 

Please note that this opportunity is only available to those organizations that expressly exist to serve those with physical and developmental disabilities. 

Next Cycle: Q3 2019. Frequency: Biennial

Vibrant Arts and Culture RFP (Next Release: Q3 2019)

Purpose: To support increased access to arts and cultural programming to educate and/or enhance the quality of life for individuals of all ages, abilities and income levels in our region. 

Next Cycle: Begin Q3 2019 Frequency: Biennial

Strengthening Communities Through Organizing and Advocacy RFP (Next Release: Q3 2019)

Purpose: To invest in community-led efforts that recognize the wisdom and creativity that is inherent within every neighborhood of our region.

Results: To help neighbors and community groups establish common bonds, deepen relationships and take action on top priorities toward a more equitable community.

Next Cycle: Begins Q3 2019. Frequency: Annual

Ensuring Environmental Sustainability RFP (Next Release: Q3 2020)

Purpose: To contribute to the conservation, restoration, and beautification of our region as well as contribute to waste reduction, energy conservation, and the ecological education of future generations.

Next Cycle: Begins 2020. Frequency: Biennial

*Please note, GCF is on a calendar year schedule: Quarter 1 is January - March, Quarter 2 is April - June, Quarter 3 is July -September, Quarter 4 is October - December.

Please continue to check back for updates regarding RFP deadlines, as we will add these to this page as each becomes available. If you would like to be notified via email of upcoming RFPs, email us at to be added to our list. You can also follow us on social media

Have questions about our new process? See our Grants FAQs.

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Request for Proposals in Additional Areas

In addition to the RFP schedule above, GCF also will offer other Requests for Proposals in more niche areas on a less frequent schedule. As these RFPs become available, we will update this page. If you would like to be notified via email of upcoming RFPs, email us at to be added to our list. You can also follow us on social media

Emergency Needs

If your organization has an extremely urgent need where service is interrupted, please call Evie Epifano, Program Manager, at 513-281-2880, to discuss your situation. For other non-emergency requests, submit a funding inquiry.

The Greater Cincinnati Foundation defines a funding emergency as an immediate need for funding to avoid total stop of services of basic needs to vulnerable people.

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