Financial Information

Financial information about The Greater Cincinnati Foundation is provided here to be transparent and accountable to our community.

Form 990

Form 990 is the informational tax return filed with the IRS by organizations that are exempt from federal income tax. 

Download IRS Form 990 for The Greater Cincinnati Foundation:

Form 990-T

Form 990-T is the IRS’ Exempt Organization Business Income Tax Return. It is required to be filed by any exempt organization that has unrelated business income, which may be generated by assets gifted to the Foundation or from certain activities deemed to be unrelated to the Foundation’s exempt purpose. GCF also makes its Form 990-T available for public inspection.

Download IRS Form 990-T for The Greater Cincinnati Foundation: 

Audited Financial Statements

GCF publishes an abbreviated financial statement in its annual report. A complete audit report for the most recent year is available for public inspection.

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