5 Key Elements to Include in a Grant Proposal

Use these 5 tips to strengthen your grant proposal

Writing a grant proposal is not as complex as it may seem. Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) is here to assist as you begin to think of programs or projects that may need funding. Utilize these tips when crafting your grant proposal for our upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP) cycles.

1. Use a racial equity lens
Racial equity is at the core of our grantmaking practices. We look to invest in projects that advance systems change and build a region where everyone can thrive.

2. Provide clear and measurable outcomes
We look for proposals that state specific outcomes and how these outcomes will be achieved. Measures should be clearly defined and realistic given the projects time frame and resources.

3. Let us know about your partnerships and how your work aligns with community-wide efforts
Proposals should showcase how your project is collaborating with others to create impact and move the needle. Show how your organization’s work is aligned to other community wide efforts, such as your neighborhood’s comprehensive plan or other city policies.

4. Demonstrate insights from your project’s past results
Although we fund new innovative projects, we do look for organizations who have a strong track record and learn from their previous work.

5. Use an asset-based approach
We value approaches that acknowledge opportunities over deficits, co-create with those with lived experience and celebrate the strengths of our community. We understand that our current systems are unjust, and we invest in innovative solutions that disrupt these systems.

GCF’s next RFP release will be the Vibrant Arts & Culture Request for Proposals which opens July 6.

To learn more about crafting a strong grant proposal, please visit our nonprofit resource page.