Leaving a legacy for your children

Planned giving is crucial for the region’s future

William “Bill” Paul is focused on the next generation of philanthropy, making sure his children can continue to support our community for years to come.

Bill recently made plans to provide support for his favorite nonprofits after his lifetime – and for his son and daughter to be able to do the same. His donor advised fund will split into two so his children can discover those organizations making the impact they hope to see for our community.

“I am hoping (my children) will take on the opportunity to become more actively involved than they’ve been able to in the past,” he said.

For more than a decade, Bill has entrusted GCF to keep him informed about issues impacting the region. He looks forward to a future where his children will experience the same. Through his fund at GCF, Bill helps many nonprofit organizations make a difference, all the while keeping connected to the community’s most pressing needs.

“We chose GCF for our legacy gift because we had an ongoing relationship there and I always felt whoever was in charge is sincerely interested in the work and the clients they serve. Their flexibility and patience as we finalized our plan was also a very important part of our decision,” Bill said.

Want to create a lasting legacy? Contact your Philanthropic Advisor or Felicia Zakem directly at 513-768-6158.

Learn how the legacy gifts from the past are making a difference today. Register for GCF’s “Laying the Foundation” on July 14 from 12 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

*Photo provided by Bill Paul and captures the essence of his son and grandson.