Vulnerability Connects Us

Helen Jones-Kelley

Executive Director, Montgomery County Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services
Board of Directors Chair, HealthPath Foundation of Ohio

Eric DeWald

Executive Director and President, HealthPath Foundation of Ohio

Both Helen Jones-Kelley and Eric DeWald believe it’s important to have uncomfortable conversations about systemic racism and its detrimental effects on communities of color. The Racial Equity Matters series provided each of them the opportunity to grow by combining in-depth narratives and alarming data points. The experience encourages individuals to explore their own hearts and motivations.


Greater Cincinnati Foundation is on a mission to build a community where everyone thrives. By providing a space for honest conversations about the root causes of systemic racism and identifying ways to address them, we are becoming stronger together. Over the past three years, nearly 2,500 local participants have attended a Racial Equity Matters session and eight out of ten attendees credit the training with giving them a stronger set of tools to analyze the ways systemic racism affects their life and their work.

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