Your Giving Advantage

Our team's range of talents and expertise is a perfect fit for business leaders interested in developing a giving plan to advance their overall corporate strategy. The flexibility of Greater Cincinnati Foundation's (GCF’s) offerings ensures company goals and objectives are crafted through a tailored, intentional approach.


Personal Philanthropy

As leaders on a public stage, it's increasingly important to be responsible and smart about charitable resources. GCF can customize an individual philanthropic plan that takes personal giving, corporate responsibility or both into account. We work with privately-held stock, retirement, real estate and other assets in ways many nonprofits are unequipped to. Donor Advised Funds are increasingly utilized as a wealth planning tool.

Corporate Philanthropy

Corporate philanthropy is the opportunity to make a remarkable, meaningful and concentrated investment that forms socially impactful brands. When you approach corporate philanthropy with both strategy and coordination, the outcomes are significant and long-standing. Operating in a small region like Greater Cincinnati, where hometown pride runs deep and there is plenty of competition for market share, investment in the community can be a crucial differentiator. GCF, through a corporate donor advised fund, can help streamline and focus this effort.

Employee Engagement

Philanthropy has long been a tool for employee engagement. As culture becomes increasingly important in hiring and retention, philanthropy has become a win-win investment. Companies including 84.51, TQL and PayCor have heavily invested resources in this tool and speak readily about the impact it has had on their team building and employee satisfaction. Read more about their journeys here.

GCF is working with local businesses to support their efforts toward the same outcome. Something as simple as utilizing payroll deduction to contribute to a corporate donor advised fund – and engaging employees in determining what organizations they would like to support collectively – can play a huge role in a positive culture shift for a company.