4 Opportunities for Purposeful Impact in 2019

Plan Ahead to Amplify Results

Looking ahead to 2019? As you make year-end contributions to your donor advised fund, keep in mind the following opportunities for impact that will be available in the first half of 2019 through Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF).

  • In the first quarter of 2019 we will release the annual Providing a Safety Net request for proposals and invite our fund holders to invest in worthwhile projects alongside us. Safety Net grants provide funding to ensure that vulnerable residents of our region have access to food and shelter, and to increase access to well-integrated and/or trauma-informed behavioral health services. Consider joining us!
  • GCF Giving Circles convene individuals who pool their charitable dollars to amplify the impact of their resources and collectively determine which nonprofits will receive their focused funding. In 2017, 10 local arts organizations were recipients of project-specific grants; next month more than five organizations working on STEM projects in the education sector will be awarded funding as well. The 2019 GCF Giving Circle opportunities will be announced in the coming months.
  • Innovative education projects for children will be an important part of GCF grantmaking again in 2019. Funded by generous donors and continued support from the Charles H. Dater Foundation, Learning Links (for school year projects) and Summertime Kids (supporting summer break activities) grants enable meaningful educational opportunities for children. Be a part of the grantmaking committee or contribute directly to proposed projects through your fund.
  • Our next concentrated investment, to help bridge our region’s daunting affordable housing gap, will roll out in 2019. GCF is launching a new Affordable Housing Impact Investment Pool (AHIIP) early next year that will focus on developing and supporting a range of affordable housing options. Utilize the charitable assets in your fund to invest in local projects that generate direct community benefits as well as a financial return to your fund. Learn more about the critical need for this work by reading the recently released All-In Cincinnati report.

Connect with us!

For further information about these opportunities and more, please contact your GCF philanthropic advisor.