A New View: We’re Packing for Our Move

“Our new location aligns with our belief in the power of place — where we work, connect and the community we call home. As we move forward together, harnessing our collective power to deliver more equitable opportunities for everyone to succeed, we welcome the challenge to continue that work with a new sense of energy and urgency.” — Ellen M. Katz, GCF President/CEO

We are eagerly counting down the days until we move into our new location in the Sawyer Point Building on August 1. We also can’t wait for you to see the real-life outcome of the thoughtful and collaborative planning that has gone into its design.

We want to be clear – it’s not just the home of Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF). The doors to our dynamic new Westheimer Center of Philanthropy will be open to all of you, donors, nonprofit organizations, professional advisors, and business and community stakeholders. We aspire to be the place where convening opportunities — both deep and broad — bring new coalitions together to drive our region forward in transformational ways.

Our new location’s “power of place” will be magnified by an inspiring array of interactive features, including:

  • The flexible, dynamic community hub is a convening space where you’ll find connections and collaborations at work on a wide spectrum of objectives and issues.
  • State-of-the-art technology will enhance the efficiency of your onsite experiences.
  • Our open doors are supported by enhanced accessibility — your access will be seamless, from the riverfront location and adjacent, convenient parking to the single-level space that facilitates teamwork with GCF staff members.
  • You will be invited to participate in creative, visionary programming connecting your passions with our community’s needs and goals.

We are grateful to the generous donors who are partnering with us to achieve this vision. If you have questions about the Power of Place campaign, please contact Phillip Lanham, Vice President of Donor and Private Foundation Services. We look forward to hosting you in our new space, a place we all can call home.