Greater Cincinnati Foundation Earns Certification as a Leader in Gender and Race Equity

CINCINNATI (August 9, 2019) – As companies across the U.S. – including right here in Cincinnati – continue to grapple with providing a workplace culture that guarantees an equal playing field for all employees, regardless of race or gender, Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) has proven that it can be done.

GCF has earned silver-level certification from Queen City Certified, an organization that assesses companies’ and organizations’ workplace practices and awards certifications based on their success in promoting gender and race equity.

As a silver-level employer, GCF has achieved significant progress in creating a more inclusive and equitable workplace. Employers certified as “Leaders in Gender Equity” walk the walk. According to Queen City Certified, these companies implement research-based strategies to create workplaces where people of all genders can thrive regardless of race, sexual orientation, income, age or family status.

“I continue to be inspired by our employers’ ongoing commitment to evaluation, collective learning, and action,” shared Nicole Armstrong, founder of Queen City Certified. “Certification sends a clear message to employees, peers and the community that equity in the workplace matters and it’s time to raise the bar.”

In addition, GCF has a solid framework of policies and practices in place and has implemented them well, as demonstrated by high levels of satisfaction and engagement among employees. It also has action plans that include two-year and four-year equity goals.

Meghan Cummings, executive director of the Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation, sits on the advisory board of Queen City Certified. “I am incredibly proud that GCF has demonstrated that it ‘walks the talk,’ providing a workplace where all employees can thrive,” she shared. “It is an honor to set an example and prove that, yes, equity in the workplace is achievable.”

“We are extremely proud of this certification – but it’s important to note: we are not done,” said Ellen Katz, President/CEO of GCF. “The pursuit of equity is an ongoing journey. We remain committed to providing an equitable workplace, across gender and race, and to making our region a more inclusive place to live, work and play.”


About Greater Cincinnati Foundation

As the region’s leading community foundation, Greater Cincinnati Foundation connects people with purpose in an eight-county region in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana. GCF is leading the charge toward a more vibrant Greater Cincinnati for everyone – now, and for generations to come.


As a 2019 Queen City Certified Silver Leader in Gender Equity, we are committed to fostering a more inclusive and equitable workplace through rigorous and ongoing third-party assessments of policy and culture, collaborative learning experiences and the implementation of data-driven action plans.