Greater Cincinnati Foundation Hosts Racial Equity Matters

Equity training sessions will explore causes of racism, ways to pursue constructive dialogue

CINCINNATI (April 11, 2019) – Greater Cincinnati Foundation (GCF) is committed to bringing people in our community together to learn about racial equity through conversations that foster understanding and move us forward in impactful ways.

To advance that transformational goal, GCF is joining with community partners to host Racial Equity Matters, beginning with 10 learning opportunities throughout 2019. Racial Equity Institute (REI) will conduct the two-fold racial equity training: Groundwater, the half-day, recommended introductory content on racial equity that uses stories and data to illustrate the structural and cross-sector nature of racism; and Phase 1, a two-day session that provides talking points, historical factors and an organizational definition of racism.

“Because we believe the pursuit of racial equity is the work of our generation, GCF is investing in research, strategies and programs that show promise in reducing disparities,” said Ellen M. Katz, GCF President/CEO. “A key component in addressing these issues is understanding and getting comfortable talking about the impact of systemic racism. Racial Equity Matters will advance our collective understanding. The quality and depth of the content is truly impressive.”

Research — including the recent All-In Cincinnati report, produced in partnership with PolicyLink, United Way of Greater Cincinnati, Interact for Health and community leaders — demonstrates that racial inequality hinders growth and economic mobility. As the region’s community foundation, GCF seeks to help build a stronger region where everyone can thrive, which is critical to Greater Cincinnati’s economic future.

Racial Equity Matters sessions will present thought-provoking material meant to open hearts and minds to new perspectives on race. The conversations sparked by that information, while at times demanding, can also lead to breakthrough, inspiring insights. GCF encourages organizations to sign up and attend in cohorts for the shared experience.

Past participants speak to the transformative power of the presentations:

“I participated in the Phase I training in the fall of 2018 and it was an immersive, eye-opening and deeply moving experience about what equity truly means,” affirmed Clare C. O’Brien, Treasurer of Impact 100 and Vice Chair of the May We Help Board. “One precious benefit of the training is that I’ve been connected with a group of passionate, diverse people and we are moving forward together in a shared journey of learning, support and empowerment.”

“Be prepared for an extraordinary educational experience that will fundamentally transform the way you approach and think about your work, personal relationships and community,” added Marla Morse, Program Coordinator, HealthPath Foundation of Ohio.

There is no charge to participate in Racial Equity Matters sessions. As a gift to the community, GCF and its generous partners and donors are underwriting first-year trainings costs to build community awareness about the program’s value to advance impactful communication.

Groundwater sessions — recommended to be taken prior to Phase 1 — will be conducted 1 to 4:30 p.m. on April 22, June 10, Sept. 25 and Nov. 20. Phase 1 sessions will be conducted 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on April 23-24, June 11-12, Aug. 22-23, Sept. 16-17, Oct. 21-22 and Nov. 21-22.

The April and June trainings will be held at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. Registration for all sessions is open now. For more information and registration, visit