Issue 7 Passes

Hamilton County’s transportation funding for Issue 7 has passed! It’s a significant move to drive us forward to a more equitable future for our region. Now more than ever, the economic fallout from the coronavirus pandemic – which has disproportionately impacted people of color in our community – has shed a glaring light on system inequities we must address.

At Greater Cincinnati Foundation, we know that public transportation accessibility is key for low-income workers, which is one reason why we supported Issue 7.

As we rebuild the economy and redesign our systems, their contributions to the health and welfare of all of us will continue to be vital. It’s critical to remove barriers that impede their success.

Workplace access drives job opportunities that provide roadmaps out of poverty. With county-wide revenue support reflecting Metro’s service area and ridership base, the new system is a win for all of us.

We want to hear from you as we work to rebuild a region that allows us all to thrive.

The Reinventing Metro plan will:

  • Invest in eight new bus routes with desperately needed crosstown service
  •  Provide more frequent buses
  • Eliminate of zone fares and transfer costs
  • Offer 24-hour service on some routes and extended service on other routes.