Meet Brittany

April 2021

Brittany Corde, Director, Community Strategies, is a native of Maysville, Kentucky and most recently received her Doctorate of Education in Educational Leadership at Northern Kentucky University. In her new role, she is looking forward to learning about and being a part of the great work taking place in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati, while also lifting up opportunities to create new strategies through a racial equity lens that will help uplift the community.

Share a few details of your personal and professional background that helped to guide your path to GCF.

I have worked in nonprofits and higher education for my entire professional career. While working directly with clients and non-traditional students, I learned quite a bit about the resources and community support needed for their success.

I appreciate GCF’s commitment to the community as a whole and am excited to be with an organization that is uplifting the community voice and tackling systemic issues unapologetically.

What are your professional and community affiliations, and how do they inform your role at GCF? 

I have a mix of experience working in workforce planning and economic development. I have also spent time working in higher education. The first time I heard about GCF, I was the Raise the Floor Coordinator at Gateway Community and Technical College. The program sought to recruit and retain female students into STEM careers by providing a holistic, person-centered coaching model. These positions and my time being spent as a mental health coordinator helped inform my role at GCF.

While working with the Raise the Floor program, I partnered briefly with The Women’s Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation to help the participants connect with quality and affordable childcare.

The program received funding for general resources, as well as, a Summertime Kids grant. While in my workforce development role, I often shared reports and data from GCF to employers to help their strategies become more equitable and inclusive. When a position opened, I was immediately excited at the chance to work at the Foundation.

Who or what is your inspiration, and in what ways has that driven your passion for GCF’s mission?

 My family has been a huge inspiration to me. My parents, especially, have helped to push and guide me toward achieving my goals.

 What are three things about you that most people don’t know?

  1. I used to play the violin and the flute.
  2. I am afraid of heights!
  3. I love being outdoors – I love to camp, hike and be in nature.

What has your first month at GCF been like? Were there any surprises?

My first month at GCF has been great. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming – I love being with an organization that is dedicated to uplifting the community.