Meet Donisha

“Life’s situations will either be a lesson or a blessing. Stay committed to growth, learning, and change. Make the most out of every opportunity.” – Donisha Collis

Donisha Collis, Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s Director, Talent and Culture, is a Cincinnati native and received her Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Northern Kentucky University. She lives in the Monfort Heights neighborhood and says, “I love Cincinnati! I’ve lived here for almost my entire life. My favorite things about Cincinnati are the chili and the Bengals. Who Dey!”

Share a few details of your personal and professional background that helped to guide your path to GCF.

Growing up wasn’t easy for me. I became a mom at an early age. Being a teen mom was scary. I didn’t want to be get caught up or stuck in poverty. I was determined to provide my son with a better life. I went to college and graduated with my Bachelor’s degree and later completed my Master’s degree.

I’ve spent many years working in human resources. It aligns with my life’s purpose of being a helpful resource to the people around me. The reason that I was drawn to GCF is because our mission and values are centered around helping the community around us. I want to be a voice for those who feel that they don’t have a voice and I want to be an active participant in the on-going fight to improve racial equity.

What are your professional and community affiliations, and how do they inform your role at GCF?

I have been professionally involved with the Society of Human Resource Management. It has allowed me to stay up-to-date and current with various changes in employment law rules and regulations.
I am also involved with my church’s community outreach team. Our focus has been to equip the community around us with resources and the basic necessities of life.
This informs my role at GCF by keeping me grounded and mission focused.

Who or what is your inspiration, and in what ways has that driven your passion for GCF’s mission?

My faith has been my inspiration. It has literally gotten me through the toughest times of my life. It has driven me to help support GCF’s mission by allowing me to be a humble servant in the fight against racial injustice and gender/racial equity.

What are three things about you that most people don’t know?

I used the play the piano.
I am an excellent cook.
I was President of the Society of Human Resource Management in college.

What has your first month at GCF been like? Were there any surprises?

My first month at GCF has been amazing. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. I already feel like I am making a difference. Joining this organization is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.