Racial Equity Matters Trainings Engage 351 Participants

Greater Cincinnati Foundation’s (GCF) commitment to shared, meaningful conversations about racial equity has driven our Racial Equity Matters trainings this year. Partnerships with our generous donors have enabled us to schedule four Groundwater sessions (a three-hour introductory overview) and six two-day Phase 1 trainings that take a deeper dive into the historic manifestations and current consequences of racial inequities.

The sessions, conducted by the Racial Equity Institute (REI), have been booked to capacity, and we are grateful for that resounding response. So far this year, those numbers have included 351 participants representing 145 organizations.

As we host our third Phase 1 sessions of 2019 this week, we’re eager to share insights from previous attendees:

  •  “Extremely grateful for this life-changing, perception-shifting, potent training.” — Aureal Williams, Dohn School
  • “I thought it was invaluable. One of the best professional development experiences I’ve had in my career.” — Jesse Moyer, Knowledge Works
  • “Very informative and enlightening. It was powerful to have the data presented in a systematic way.” — Woodrow Keown, Jr.
  • “Amazing. A MUCH needed and overdue training, providing knowledge and stimulating introspection. Important for our community, state and nation.” — Dr. Stephanie Napolitano, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
  • “Although I have heard some of the information shared in the training’s history, I learned so, so much. The training was very powerful, very well done and I wish it was required education for all at a younger age. I was grateful for the opportunity to attend.” — Anonymous

As a gift to the community, GCF and our generous partners and donors underwrote the cost of these first-year trainings to build community awareness about the program’s value. Even though this year’s Racial Equity Matters sessions are being offered at no charge, participants have donated $3,500 to support the cost of future trainings.

Currently, all of the Phase 1 training slots are filled through this year, but we are still accepting registrations for our Sept. 25 and Nov. 20 Groundwater sessions. Register here: https://www.gcfdn.org/REM

GCF will offer additional Racial Equity Matters trainings in 2020; stayed tuned for future dates. Because we believe in its transformative power, we invite you to join us in this demanding, rewarding work. For information about supporting Racial Equity Matters, please contact Michael A. Coffey, GCF Program Officer, at 513-768-6109 or Michael.Coffey@GCFdn.org.