Cincinnati Buildings Light Up to Support International Women’s Day 2018, Catalyst Skyline Takeover

March 7, 2018

Leading Cincinnati Companies Come Together to Shine a Light on the Power of Accelerating Diversity, Inclusion and Gender Equality in the Workplace

Cincinnati (March 7, 2018)—P&G, Kroger Co., 84.51 , and Columbia Plaza are celebrating International Women’s Day 2018 in a bright way: lighting up its building and the city’s skyline with the female symbol to shine a spotlight on our commitment to advance women in business. In addition to the those above, the following organizations are also signing on to show support for the initiative: Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber, Women’s Initiative – Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce, Women’s Fund of Greater Cincinnati Foundation. At sundown, buildings in Cincinnati, New York, Boston, Toronto, Calgary, Montreal, and Vancouver will join other buildings in Peru, the United Kingdom and Colombia. Together, they represent dozens of major companies located in some of the world’s most iconic and influential city structures. These companies will join Catalyst, a global nonprofit focused on empowering and accelerating women in business, with a light display to demonstrate the collective power of global leading companies that are creating workplaces that work for women-because progress for women is progress for everyone.

“Today we’re celebrating International Women’s Day and lighting up the skyline as a symbol of our commitment to gender equality and to building a workplace with equal voice and equal representation for women and men,” said Carolyn Tastad, Group President, P&G North America. “P&G is committed to building an inclusive culture where everyone can advance and succeed.”

As a proud supporter of the mission to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion, these Cincinnati companies are proud to participate in the Catalyst Skyline Takeover, executed across 32 buildings in 5 countries.

“Our skyline takeover is a visual realization of the business community’s commitment to women’s advancement in workplaces around the world,” said Deborah Gillis, President and CEO, Catalyst. “When the buildings light up-and people see these companies taking a firm and visible stand for gender equality-our hope is to show an undisputable beacon of solidarity among business leaders and spark a conversation that accelerates much needed change in workplaces.”

We invite all people to be agents of change within their own communities and companies, and encourage advocates to join the global conversation by sharing the Catalyst Skyline Takeover GIF and using hashtags #SignOfProgress, #CatalystForChange, #WorkplacesForWomen and #IWD2018.

Find the full list of Catalyst Supporters and learn more at

About the Women’s Fund

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