Taking Pride in Our Colorful Place

April 25, 2019

Greater Cincinnati Foundation teamed up with ArtWorks this past week to showcase its vibrant, culturally rich urban Mural Program. The donor event included a bus tour of current mural sites and 2019 project locations. Nearly 100 guests received an insider’s view with the fun and informative tour that celebrated the visual and cultural impact of the creative workforce development and job-training program.

Launched in 2007, ArtWorks’ Mural Program has transformed more than 175 plain walls into public art in 36 of Greater Cincinnati’s neighborhoods and nearby cities. More than 3,300 local youth apprentices have participated in the program, getting paid to work side-by-side with professional artists to bring the outsized masterpieces to life.

While the GCF tour’s focus was centered in Cincinnati’s urban core, we salute the fact that the murals, by design, share uniquely Cincinnati scenes and faces throughout our community in vivid tribute to our diversity. These public spaces welcome us, inspire us and bring us together in uplifting ways.

In celebration of an exciting upcoming 2019 mural season, GCF is proud to offer our support to the ArtWorks Mural Program by matching contributions to new murals up to a total of $10,000. If you feel inspired to join us in funding this summer’s programming, contact Phillip Lanham, Vice President-Donor and Private Foundation Services at 513-768-6155 or phillip.lanham@gcfdn.org.